Single ? This is the kind of guy you need


If the expression “it is better to be alone than in bad company” exists, it is no accident. In love, finding the partner who will make you happy all your life is a delicate task.

When you’re young, you tend to choose the first guy who tries to hit on you. It’s not necessarily bad, it’s even great to learn what you like about a guy and what is a big NO.

But when you need to be more mature, some say around 25-30, it’s time to choose a kind of guy who will take care of you, love you for life, and whom you can marry. No one dreams of being single all their life.

The ideal kind of guy in love

Before ending your celibacy, here are some tips to make sure you meet the perfect man.

Wait until you meet the kind of guy who proudly gives you a hand on the street. A guy who takes pride in showing others that you are his wife.

Wait until you meet the guy who snuggles up to you in the middle of the night and hugs you.

Wait until you meet the guy who silently wakes up in the morning to shower and get ready to let you sleep peacefully for a few more minutes.

Wait until you meet the guy who places his hand on your thigh in the metro, at the restaurant, at the cinema. A simple but important sign of affection.

Wait until you find a man who listens to you and comforts you when you are not well.

Wait until you find a man who makes you laugh. A real laugh that hurts your cheeks and fills you with joy.

Wait until you find a man who will proudly introduce you to his friends and relatives. Without having any doubts or feeling embarrassed.

Wait until you meet the kind of man who will make you full of surprises. Having a candlelit meal one evening after work, buying a bouquet of flowers for no other reason than because he loves you.

Wait until you can meet a man who goes out of his way to please your family. Having a beautiful family is never easy, but some men will still make an effort because they know that it makes you happy.

Wait until you find some kind of man who tells you that you are beautiful, that you are funny, that he loves you.

Wait until you find some kind of man who keeps his promises. If he has promised to go out with you on a Saturday night and go to a restaurant, it is a promise he cannot break and instead go see a soccer match with his friends.

Wait until you find a man who will never tire of kissing you on the forehead. In the morning when your eyes are still closed, or in the evening when you watch TV.

Wait until you find a man who arrives on time for your appointments and not 30 minutes late. When it’s time to give birth, you don’t want to risk being alone.

BRIEF, wait until you find a man who makes you smile, a man who can make you happy, a man who will be by your side, a man who will love you for the person you are and not the person he wants you to be.

But don’t wait too long either… The perfect man doesn’t exist. You will never find a man who meets all the criteria on your list . Sometimes you have to know how to take risks, date a man who is not your type, and follow his heart. Maybe this man will have other qualities that you didn’t know would be important.

Good luck and I wish you that your celibacy is as short as possible.