Someday you will meet someone who will make you feel home

One day you will meet someone with whom you will not only want to spend the night but with whom you will look forward to waking up and sharing your morning.

This person is different because they will be able to see through the lies you tell the world.

She looks you in the eye and knows when you’re lying.

She looks you in the eye and knows what you are thinking and feeling before you even say it.

There is a link that you will never understand. But you will be happy to have met someone who can share this.

And she will let you into her world too.

You will be talking about dreams and ambitions like never before. You will talk about disappointments and fears that you didn’t even know about.

You will talk about insecurities and mistakes, and you will have before you someone who will not judge you for any of this.

There will be a person who will break down all the ramparts that you have built and you will end up with those raw emotions that you didn’t even know you were able to feel.

And you will look at it knowing that it is not perfect. But regardless of that, your faults will complement each other so that it all makes sense.

You will realize that one day you worry about this person when all you have done in the past was worry about yourself.

You will get angry with those who hurt him.

You will find yourself feeling these things through another soul and although you can never take away its pain or the past, it is what you will want in your future. Whereas in the past, you only thought about your own future.

One day, you will realize that if something happened to him, you would be destroyed.

You will realize that it is important.

You will realize that it always has been.

You will realize that it always will be.

You will remember every little detail. Since your first meeting and the first words she said.

And it will surprise you because even if we do navigate in life seeing so many faces and having so many interactions, you will remember every detail of it.

And this is something that no one will understand. But the thing is, they don’t need to understand it. They don’t have to accept it or love it.

Because you do it.

Then, it will be necessary to have the courage to say a few words and not to hold back because, for the first time, you will look at someone with confidence.

One day you will meet someone who will make you feel at home.