Sometimes it’s not love that dies, but patience that runs out

Sometimes we need to learn to value ourselves and to know how to end relationships that, far from doing us good, prevent us from moving forward and harm us.

No matter how much we love someone, no matter how much time we’ve shared together or what dreams we’ve built, sometimes love alone isn’t the key to happy relationships.  When there is no reciprocity, understanding, or respect, the lack of patience eventually takes over.

Without a doubt, this situation is something that we have all felt before, with the pain and suffering that it involves.

It hurts a lot to say goodbye to someone who has been so important in our life, even if it is a need that we must learn to respect.

When patience is consumed, the urges to persist vanish, dreams die off, and we run the risk of losing ourselves in the void of frustration and low esteem.

It’s not worth it. Today in this article we invite you to think about this question.

I’m leaving you because my patience is running out

Some people make the mistake of thinking that relationships are forever and that they have no expiration date.

We need to think about it to feel committed, and to build this bond based on admiration, tenderness, and respect.

When we enter into a relationship, there are many dreams and projects that we build together.

In a way, it’s like we’re building a parallel relationship and which unfortunately doesn’t turn out exactly the way we imagined.

This is why it is necessary to take into account these aspects concerning affective relationships.

Live it here and now and take care of your happiness

Sometimes we are given ideas based on faulty and dangerous traditions.

Love is not about “putting up with” something we don’t like every day.

Love is not suffering, nor having to hide things that we don’t like so as not to hurt others.

  • Live the “here and now”. If you are feeling happy and your heart feels serene and fulfilling, then you are fine.
  • If you are feeling worry and fear right now, think about your relationship.
    Love is not tears because the person who loves you will make you happy and not unhappy. So never hesitate to listen to your heart and your thoughts.

Patience has a limit: self-esteem

Without knowing how, we end up giving in to so much that in the end we stop valuing ourselves.

  • You can forgive today and forgive tomorrow. The forgiveness is positive from the moment where there are reciprocity and fairness in regrets. But the quota of “cessions and concessions” must be limited.
  • Every time we give up something, we lose a part of ourselves.
    The fact of giving up a hobby or a job or of stopping seeing certain people because our spouse feels jealous, implies giving up part of our identity.
  • Our patience has limits and that limit is our integrity. The moment you notice you’ve given too much and none of those concessions have been rewarded or recognized, let it be known.
    Maybe you should make a drastic decision.

Saying goodbye is also growing up

To say goodbye to a person is to leave a certain way of life behind and to put an end to habits. To customs and above all to the company of a person, which until recently was as important as the air we breathe.

Even though love persists, we feel that suffering and disillusionment is affecting our physical and emotional health. It’s something dangerous.

It is necessary to understand that saying goodbye means respecting yourself.

Life represents cycles and changes, and any change requires the following qualities:

  • Courage.
  • Self-knowledge: We all need to know what our personal values ​​and limits are.
    It is a line that should not be crossed or damaged, because it represents the esteem we have for ourselves.
  • Knowing how to say goodbye implies the need to sever ties permanently. It is an act of courage.
  • Integrate learning: Any relationship that ends teaches us something. To grow, certain aspects must be integrated and accepted.
  • Let go without hatred. Ending a relationship because we have no more patience means breaking bonds without hate or resentment.
    Any negative emotion takes us prisoner and prevents us from forgetting.

Let go freely and without resentment, to advance more lightly.