Sometimes We Are The Toxic In Our Own Life

Nowadays we hear a lot of different things about toxic people and how to keep them out, but what if we are the most toxic person in our own lives? Of course, this may seem a bit of an exaggeration, but sometimes it is exactly the case that a person faces.

We are in many ways sometimes our own worst enemies and it is important to realize this. We all have to be willing to accept that sometimes people who seem poisonous or negative around us don’t do it to get under the skin or shoot us down. Sometimes people go through things that we cannot see. When we force these people to stay in our lives knowing that their presence influences us, we condemn ourselves and become more toxic than we realize.

There are many ways to become toxic to ourselves. We can be too negative in our internal conversations, we can refuse to face the opportunities that come our way, and we can also cut ties with people who try to help us out of fear. The list of things that can really arise with regard to is seemingly endless and should not be overlooked.

We have to be ready to disconnect and look at things from an outside point of view if we really want to find a real sense of positivity and abandon this toxicity, period. Why are we so quick to call other toxics and refuse to see our own actions as such when they are clearly so. Just because you think you have your best interests doesn’t mean you act. For example, refusing to take risks may prevent you from seeing.

Never refuse to check it yourself, you need to be aware when it comes to this sort of thing. Toxicity exists in many forms in this world that we call our home. It is not because you do not want to consider yourself as such that you are an angel.

The sooner you get away with the fact that you could cause your own harm, the faster you can work to change it. You cannot grow if you are stuck in the moment and unable to see things as they are. No one on this planet is perfect and even we end up hurting ourselves from time to time.

There is nothing wrong with accepting this kind of thing and then working to change it. We can all learn from each other by accepting the things we find together. You are not always going to need to be in the lives of the people you see in front of you and vice versa. We build everything in our own way and are all on our own travels in this world.