Study reveals THE secret to being happy as a couple

Ok, I admit that the title of this article is a bit of a dream. But frankly, even if the revelation is not enough to make a couple last for years, it contributes enormously!

What is THE secret to being happy as a couple?

Information revealed by the US Travel Association (an organization whose members are companies in the tourism sector in the United States, note) said that 77% of lovers who go together regularly on a trip admit to being fulfilled in their relationship as well that … in their intimate life.

It may sound silly said like that but come to think of it, it makes sense!

Indeed, traveling as a couple allows you to find yourself outside of everyday life and therefore, to say for several weeks bye-bye to the routine!

Traveling as a couple also allows you to build tons of unforgettable memories, much more unforgettable than a branded bag or a Rolex! We meet new cultures, we share strong things, out of the ordinary, out of time, which bind us forever. Besides, for the anniversary of my darling’s 30th birthday, I made him 7 photo albums with all our travel memories and it moved him enormously!

Finally, when you have children, going on a romantic trip can do a lot of good! Let your baby go to your parents and give yourself just two moments to breathe!

However, for many people, the first romantic trip is often an apprehended moment, especially when the two lovebirds are not yet living under the same you.

Travel together, it forges!

You will understand, traveling as a couple is the famous secret of happy couples!

Try to leave at least twice a year! Better to go twice a week than fifteen days in a row! We take a long trip in winter to go to the other end of the world, where it is hot when we peel them in Paris. And a second in summer, where we leave for a week or 10 days in Europe or in France.

Yes but we don’t all have the budget

Hmm … Actually, yes. Because traveling does not mean spending fortunes. There are a thousand ways to travel according to budgets: road trip, backpack, tent, hotels, Airbnb … But to avoid having to leave large sums you have to know how to do it in advance. We, for example, always take plane tickets 4 to 6 months in advance to benefit from the most advantageous rates.

Traveling is good… but every day?

Yes, I grant you, traveling is great, it solidifies the couple, makes them more of an accomplice … But everyday life is still the majority of the time spent in pairs, so this is where we need to act.

To be happy as a couple, I believe there are five golden rules:

1 / Stay independent and find your rhythm.

2 / Communicate and hear the expectations of the other.

3 / Maintain seduction and spice up desire.

4 / Find the balance of the couple.

5 / Know the love language of the other and know how to speak it.