Surround yourself with people who support you when things go wrong

For our me ntal he alth, it is very important to surround ourselves with people who respect us, who accept us with our qualities and our faults, and who do not try to mold us as they please.

It is not always easy to navigate in this complex world, let alone find the people who fill our voids and who are faithful supporters. Create an entourage of people who know your worst side and who help you progress every day despite everything.

Stick with those who give you good reason to smile every morning when you open your eyes, without fears, worries, or misfortunes.

Although it sounds simple, in reality, there is always more than one person who is able to give you a taste for life during difficult times.

In life, we need an environment of friends, relatives, and companions who respect and recognize us.

In addition to trying to love yourself and maintain your self-esteem every day, it is also very important to be able to count on a good social network.

An entourage of people who make you a better person

People who do not want to change put up walls in front of their personal development.

No one is an example of absolute virtue. And if there is something that characterizes human beings, it is their ability to surpass themselves. And to learn every day to integrate new knowledge.

  • Let the people who can enrich you come into your life, guide you, and foster your own personal growth.
  • To be better every day, we need to be aware of our mistakes and our limitations.  This is something that can only be achieved by being humble.
  • Surround yourself with people who don’t judge you. From people who don’t criticize or punish you. Those who set your example. Those who serve as guides for you to face your fears, to calm your anxieties, and to move forward more safely in life.

An entourage of people who consider you an essential person in their daily life

We’re sure you’ve heard of the fact that it’s best not to tie up or avoid needing someone.

Let us now look at these notions with a little objectivity. Because it is obvious that in order to be happy, we need certain people.

  • It is necessary to know how to differentiate the need to have these people around us. And the desire to want to submit them to our will, thus limiting their freedom, their capacity for choice, and their personal development.
  • Those who need you must know how to respect you. You are someone who is essential in the lives of many people. But that requires knowing how to respect and offer tenderness, a tenderness that enriches.
  • Surround yourself with people who demonstrate to you every day that you are important to them. And who are able to make you happy, without control or mistrust.

An entourage of people who bring you light on dark days

We are sure that among your friends or family is the person who, when you are faced with a problem, blames you for all the mistakes and mistakes you have made, instead of helping you.

  • There are those who, instead of providing solutions, are able to humiliate us even more. This is something to be avoided at all costs.
    When something goes wrong in your life, choose the right person who will support you or listen to you without judging you.
  • Some people are really there. They respect others and know how to show real openness and empathy.
  • Surround yourself with people who, far from judging you, show you closeness. And who are able to put themselves in your shoes to understand you. 
  • Don’t let go of those people who have the ability to calm you down on dark days. And where you can find refuge when you feel lonely.

An entourage of people who show you a real commitment

There are people for whom the concept of stability, respect, and commitment doesn’t really hold true.

These are people who show an explosion of affection, tenderness, and respect. Then who, overnight, become indifferent.

It is something that we can experience not only in a couple but also with a close relative of the family.

These are people who have fickle emotions and are characterized by a deficiency in emotional maturity.

  • No one has the right to give you thousands of dreams today to steal them from you tomorrow as if you had no feelings.
    We could safely say that these are the most toxic relationships. Hence the need to limit these behaviors and to protect themselves.
  • Surround yourself with people who show you good emotional maturity.  Who are stable with regard to affection, feelings, and words of everyday life.
  • Everyone needs security. Hence the fact that it is necessary to surround yourself with people who do not constantly change their minds. People who offer a real commitment, and with whom you can make an explicit pact in which the projects are carried out and where the dreams do not fly away.