Take Your Guy Out of Your Comfort Zone

The problem with guys when they are in a relationship is that they let themselves go. They take you for granted and no longer seek to seduce you.

It is a fact, men are lazy and will keep you trying to make the least possible effort. And honestly, they do it most of the time! How is it possible? Well, simply because you let them do it.

It’s time to learn how to get your guy out of his comfort zone.

Take your guy out of his little comfort

Men are predators. They like to hunt, whether alone or with friends. Flirting, meeting new girls is their thing. At first, they go out of their way to succeed in seducing you.

And then one fine day, they get up in the morning and consider that you are acquired. They are in a serious relationship with you and the hunt is over. But then, if they no longer have their purpose, what would he stay?

Well nothing, you end up with a lazy man who will no longer make an effort to please you.

Wondering how you got there? Well, let’s say you just let him do it …

And yes, your men no longer feel in danger and therefore they do not see the point of making multiple efforts to detain you. Their presence by your side is apparently enough for you.

I don’t blame you any longer, this is not my goal. But all that to say that if you want your man to take care of you, you have to scare him a little at times.

Show that you like it but don’t accept everything either. Make it your confidant but don’t tell him all the details of your day. Do not do everything together, have activities each on your own.

Do not mix all your friends. And so on. Keep a part of mystery otherwise it will no longer have any fascination for you.

It is never too late to breathe new life into your couple. On the contrary, the surprise effect is very effective. For a relationship to remain passionate, you need to make small efforts on a daily basis.

If you want your man to continue to invite you out or to give you gifts, you will have to shake yourself a little.

It starts with little things every day. Do you do laundry and ironing? Why? When you first met your man, were his shirts still wrinkled?

No, so it’s that he can do it all by himself Has he ever prepared dinner for you? Yes? So why is it only you who have been cooking since you moved in together?

You may not realize it but it is from this kind of little things that a guy builds his comfort zone. He has his little train, his little habits, you are always there for him … it’s time to shake it up!

If you don’t know where to start, here is a list of things to do quickly enough to prevent your man from letting himself go too much:

    • Make him jealous by showing him that other men want you. And at the same time, continue to have male friends around you.


    • NEVER let yourself go. Otherwise, you will no longer have any legitimacy to expect him to continue to be attentive.


    • Do not stick it. The more you seek to hear from him, the more it shows that you are addicted to him. And if you are addicted, you are acquired. So avoid calling it several times a day.


    • Never let him believe that you have absolute confidence in him. Always leave a little doubt to keep in mind that you are not ready for everything and anything for him.


    • A separate part of your property. At least partially keep your finances and your friends separate. It is not good to mix everything up because when something goes wrong everything collapses. I know, you are sure that he is the man of your life and all the fuss but you never know what can happen. Love is not a reliable science.


    • Conversely, share the costs of everything you consume together: food, furniture, travel, etc. Except for occasional gifts of course.


  • Go out without him. Have a social circle that does not depend on him. It is important to make him believe that you can meet someone else at any time.