The 10 commandments of a happy couple after speaking of love

Because a successful couple’s life and which holds the road in the long term, it still requires some efforts, rules, and requirements, here are for you the 10 commandments of a happy couple according to Talking about Love!

1 / Before getting up, you will hug

Everyday, if you sleep together obviously, when you wake up, the first thing you will need to do: a big hug! It only lasts 30 seconds, so no excuses for the eternal rushed and stressed schedules. And you will see that it can transform your life. You will feel more loved, more serene, less stressed…

2 / the bitterness of the past you will forget

Do not bring out, especially during arguments, stories from several months or years ago, and that you spent your time brooding over. Defuse what is wrong rather than wallowing in silence and waiting for things to get worse. So do not use these old files to support your arguments when things are not going well.

3 / Water in your wine you will put

As conflicts are inevitable, it is important to act in moderation, to find compromises more easily. Do not ride on your big horses by highlighting everything that is wrong, remember that you love your partner and that you care about him.

4 / The language of the other you will learn to speak

The languages ​​of love are multiple and very different from each other. Learn to decode that of your partner as well as yours. You will thus avoid many disappointments and misunderstandings.

5 / “I love you” you whisper

It is important to remember your love every day, verbally and/or with gestures and attentions. Do not take your partner’s love for granted, even after several years of living together.

6 / Every day you will communicate

Every day, exchange on your day, your feelings, what you experience internally. Truly be towards each other, do not allow resentment, misunderstandings, frustrations to settle in. Defuse all of this progressively through regular communication and listening to each other.

7 / In the place of the other you will put yourself

It is not always easy to understand the other, even after a few years of living together! We rarely have enough of a lifetime to understand all the facets of an individual, however close to us it may be! So to make your life easier, try to put yourself in the place of the other in everyday situations. This will save you a number of arguments.

8 / Stronger arguments, you will come out

Disputes are inevitable within a couple. But far from putting it in danger, it will strengthen the cohesion and unity of a mature couple who will have found the right way to argue.

9 / Your mistakes will be admitted

Because misplaced pride often leads to loneliness, it is important that you know how to admit your mistakes. Center yourself and put yourself in the shoes of the other person, you will sometimes realize how right you thought you were when you were wrong. One thing is to realize it, another is to admit it orally to your partner.

10 / Forgiveness and respect at the center of the couple you will place

No love without respect or forgiveness. It’s as simple as that. Men and women make mistakes, human nature is imperfect, so learn to forgive, otherwise don’t even think about making a relationship last. And respect is the basis of any couple, never forget it, and make sure that your actions, your gestures, and your words are always with respect for your darling.