The 10 couples’ secrets that work

They are so annoying that they love each other. You even get tender when they get angry. These two are made to be together, but why? Lots of scientists have looked into the matter; Here is what their work gives: who are these couples who are a hit? What is their happiness based on? Take notes!

Happy couples don’t text each other

They solve their problem orally, really communicate. We don’t apologize by SMS, but we can still send s extos to wake up our libido …

Older and latter couples more likely to walk

According to some specialists, the order of birth of brothers and sisters is decisive in the construction of certain personalities. The firstborn in a sibling used to take care of others, would be happy with a little one, in need of attention and care.

They share household chores

We can never say it enough, equality between men and women is good for everyone’s morale. Contrary to what some studies have tried to demonstrate, men who do housework are not more prone to divorce, it is even the exact opposite.

A pretty girl and a bad boy: good chemistry

A pretty wife allows a man to feel more fulfilled by marriage, according to a 2013 study published in the journal Personnalité et Psychologie sociale. But the converse is not true when the man is more beautiful than his wife.

Not too many common friends on Facebook

According to a report scrutinizing 1.3 million Facebook users, published by site teams in 2013, lasting relationships can only last if social life is compartmentalized: couples who have many friends in common on Facebook have more chances of breaking up.

Also stingy or spendthrift

Money is too often a reason for an argument, which is why it is better to choose someone who likes to spend it like you, or on the contrary a stingy, if you have sea urchins at the bottom of the pockets.

Happy couples don’t win an Oscar (neither do we)

Funny and true. See the Jean-Dujardin / Alexandra Lamy affair, the most darling couple in French cinema, did not survive a year at Jean Dujardin’s Oscar.

Lasting couples surround themselves with long-lasting couples

According to a Brown University study, married couples have an additional 75% chance of divorce if one of their friends has done so.