The 10 most dangerous jobs … for your couple

Our job would have an influence on our relationship. According to a study published in the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, dancers and choreographers are at the top of the most damaging professions for a couple (43% risk of separation), ahead of bartenders and physiotherapists (38%). Moral: prefer agricultural engineers (2%!), Teachers and veterinarians.
If you want to stay in a relationship, choose an agricultural engineer or a veterinarian. According to a study published in the “Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology”, our profession would have an influence on the solidity of our romantic relationships. Thus, the greater the chances of contact with other people in a profession, the greater the risk of having a broken couple. “The interesting thing is that those in the business of caring for others are most at risk of divorce, perhaps because they spend a lot of time caring for other people, at the expense of their own family. Or because they are naturally sensitive people who are more vulnerable and sensitive in their own relationship, “said psychologist Dai Williams, a member of the British Psychological Society.

29% risk of separation from a nurse

By comparing the rate of separation and single people according to the trades exercised, this British study, therefore, classified the worst occupations for a couple. And according to her, dancers and choreographers would have a 43% risk of seeing their couple fall into ruin, just in front of bartenders, physiotherapists (38% in both cases), nurses (29%) and artists (28%). Conversely, agricultural engineers, pastors, dentists, teachers, opticians, podiatrists all have a risk of less than 6% of divorce. But what the study does not specify are the chances of success for a “mixed” couple: do the choreographer and the agricultural engineer have a chance of seeing their love last?

The top 10 bad professions for your couple
1. Dancers and choreographers 43%
2. Bartenders 38%
3. Physiotherapist 38%
4. Nurses, carers 29%
5. Sports artists and trades 28%
6. Porters and janitors 28 %
7. Teleprospectors 28%
8. Servers 27%
9. Surface technicians 26%
10. Chefs 20%