The 25 secrets of a romantic relationship that lasts

Romantic relationships are difficult. Everyone knows this and yet almost everyone wants to be in a relationship.

Even if the number of divorces keeps increasing every year, there are still couples who find the resources to make their romantic relationship last. Here are their secrets and their advice so that you too can live a happy and long life as a couple.


Perfect love does not exist. Neither is the perfect man or woman. This first secret is one of the most important. You have to stop dreaming and fantasizing about perfect love, that of romantic movies. You are going to have arguments, relapses. It’s normal.


Forgiveness is an important thing in everyday life. To err is human, everyone can be wrong. This also applies in love. Learn to forgive your man or your woman. It makes no sense to think that you are always right. Give up, forgive and move on.


About forgiving and moving on. It is important to know how to turn the page. Whether after an argument or a mistake. Forgiving without turning the page is not really forgiving.


At their wedding many say that they marry their best friend. It is very important to remember this. You should treat your partner with respect and like they are your best friend. Share your feelings, open your heart.


You can’t behave at 50 like you did at 25. You are not the same person. Don’t forget to grow up. It will directly change your love life. To be able to make your marriage last you must also change your way of life to be in accordance with your age. 50-year-old couples do not have the same needs as young couples.


As you get older, you have to adapt your relationship. At 18, we like to go clubbing, drink beers and live as if there was no tomorrow. That’s great, but maybe not the right thing to do as a couple when you’re 50. So don’t forget to adapt your relationship to make it last.


Explore the world with your partner. The holidays are a difficult time for some couples because we have so much time together. My advice to have a good vacation together is to travel. Do not stay at home. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, it is possible to rent a small cottage in the countryside to change your routine and have a good time together.


Yes I am contradicting myself with my secret above. But if you dream of spending a week in the United States and your girlfriend dreams of a trip to Egypt, travel alone. Go on your own for a week and share your photos when you return. You will be able to share lots of new experiences.


Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to do and love exactly the same thing as your wife or man. It is important that you are your own hobbies. It makes you happy and fulfilled. The couples who do everything together are not the couples who last.


Like I said before, your partner is probably your best friend. But that doesn’t mean it has to be the only one. Couples who last are often couples who have a lot of friends. Why ? Because it allows you to tell someone else about your relationship. Share your problems with your friends, ask them for dating advice. It’s much better to let your frustration flow by sharing it with a friend than to let it grow and end up in a big argument.


Some couples have a point system. “I have cleaned twice this week, so you owe me three ironings”. The life of a couple is not a competition. So yes it’s important to share the tasks, but it’s not a football game. No need to score points at the end of the day.


“A healthy mind in a healthy body”. This proverb is so true. Couples who last are couples who feel good about themselves. Play sports, alone or with your man. Take a walk together in the evening after work. It’s a great way to talk and tell about your day while exercising.


meditate on your life, on what it means. Ask yourself the right questions about what you really want to do with your life and your relationship. Am I still in love, does he make me happy?


We have already seen forgiving and turning the page. Here it is to admit that you are wrong. In order for your man to forgive you properly it is important that you tell him: “Ok, I was wrong and you were right. Sorry”. This little phrase can make a big difference in your life as a couple.


Your man just got a promotion? Or has your favorite football team just won the championship? Never waste an opportunity to celebrate the good times in life. It is important to celebrate these times to bring you closer as a couple and thus to get through the most difficult times together.


Monotony kills the couple. The daily kills the couple. To avoid this and thus make your relationship last, you can surprise your wife. This could be for example buying a present even if it is not his birthday or Christmas, or preparing a candlelit dinner.


I can’t seem to find a good title for this secret. But what I mean is that these little everyday things, like holding the door open for your wife, make a big difference. You can be romantic and show your love with these little things. It can be a text message to say good night when you spend a weekend with your parents, for example.


Love kills are those little things that can completely ruin a romantic relationship. You may be the most romantic man or woman in the world, if you farts in bed or spits every 5 minutes you can say goodbye to the woman of your dreams.


You may be very good at cooking, giving massages, or writing love letters. It’s very good for you and for your couple. Highlight these qualities so that you can continue to impress your sweetheart even after several years together.


I don’t understand couples who have no privacy. I don’t think brushing my teeth while my man is on the bathroom is really attractive. I also don’t necessarily want him to look at me when I change my tampon. In short, respect your partner’s privacy.


Everyone can be hesitant or stressed out before a big occasion. This is when you need to show your partner that you are supportive. Encourage him and tell him that you are by his side. Together you will be able to go further.


It’s completely OK to have secrets. You don’t have to go directly to tell your man that you are looking for advice on the internet to make your relationship last. Some things are best kept secret.


I like the order and the storage. I like having a clean house and I know I get irritated when my boyfriend doesn’t pick up his dirty laundry, wash the dishes or tidy up having hosted his friends to watch the soccer game. Conclusion: Line up after you so as not to irritate your wife.


I hesitated before writing this secret, because it seems obvious to me. It is not a good idea to tell your sweetheart that he or she is an idiot, that she is good for nothing, etc. For me, that is a direct reason for a divorce.


You are equal. You are no better than your wife and your wife is no better than you. Never.


Say thank you. All the time. “Thank you for making dinner”, “thank you for ironing my shirt”, “thank you for doing the homework with the kids”, etc… Never stop saying thank you and you can have a couple which lasts.