The 4 reasons why men end one relationship and start another

When a relationship ends, it seems common for a man to turn the page faster. While you are still assimilating the break, you watch your ex move on. It’s frustrating. Do you wonder why men end one relationship and start another? Here we explain this attitude to you.

Why do men end one relationship and start another?

Although the motivation of each boy depends on his personality, his relationship, and how they functioned as a couple, there are multiple reasons that are repeated in boys:

1. Ego

If you were the one who ended the relationship, the man may feel hurt and will seek a new love to prove that he does not need you and that he can be with whoever he wants.

It also happens when after the break you discover that there are other boys courting you. Essentially the idea is to start a new relationship quickly and show up publicly with another girl to make you jealous or feel better about yourself.

Not only may he want you to see him with someone else, but he may also want his friends and colleagues to continue to see him as an attractive and conquering man.

2. One nail drives out another

Boys often seek another relationship to try to overcome the breakdown. They take refuge in another person to help them forget the lost romance.

A new relationship can be an escape from the pain of separation from your partner. It is a way of avoiding feelings and trying not to feel so sad.

3. Desires for intimacy

Intimate relationships are a fundamental aspect of each and every relationship. The boy will probably decide to seek physical partners to distract himself, have fun, and escape the sadness or painful feelings that he may feel about separating from you.

4. They don’t like loneliness

After a long relationship, it is quite difficult to get used to being single again. If your ex has become used to having you by his side, for support and companionship, losing you can make him look for a swift substitute for that presence in your life.

He believes that the solution to dealing with his loneliness is to find a new partner who will fill the void. On many occasions it happens that they cannot find a person who can occupy that space, so they feel more alone and go through many short romances that do not fulfill their hopes.

Reasons why men find a partner so quickly

One of the main ways in which men find a partner quickly after a breakup is to use their usual contacts at all times. If they finish ending a relationship and want to start another, then they call ex-girlfriends or girls they have dated before.

It also happens that throughout their relationship there has been a girl particularly interested in him. Now that they are done, that person finds the ideal opportunity to express their feelings and become their new partner.

It can also happen that due to fate and without having planned it, he has met a new girl interested in him. Incredible as it may sound, these things happen. Perhaps your new relationship was nothing more than a fluke.