The 45 best long love phrases

Who has not ever read a romantic phrase that you would like to dedicate to someone? The truth is that there are these types of phrases everywhere: in movies, poems, television programs and even on the street on walls.

Would you like to know some to be able to dedicate them to your boyfriend or lover? Stay in this article and you will be able to know a series of phrases of all kinds so that you can write them to who you like.

Types of romantic phrases

In this article we will give you two types of phrases, poetic ones and those taken from movies . Because even if a movie is not about romance, it can have a very good phrase to dedicate.

Love phrases to fall in love

However, if you want to give some good romantic words to your partner or person you like, you can choose to think one and write it based on what you feel inside of you, and that way it will be more special.

How? Well, you just need to consider the key words or sentences that you want your phrase to have . You can use words like “wish” or “love of my life” and build a sentence based on those words. The same with a poem that you want to write.

1. You are my better half, my other self, my soul mate, the Yin of my Yan. You are my other half, because you complete me.

You like me? It’s a nice way to tell the other person that they complete you. It is not that long but it is quite cute.

2. What an exaggeration you may think, but the truth is that I am not lying when I tell you that all my love for you is immortal. Every time you look at me you melt me ​​and I feel like the luckiest person, thanks to how you make me feel, this wouldn’t be possible if you weren’t here.

Do you like phrases with little rhymes? You sure like it quite a bit.

3. Since our paths crossed, it has rained a lot, but even so I am surprised, because time passes and I cannot understand how every second that passes I am more in love with you.

Simple, but a way of saying “Since I’ve known you everything is better” only with other words.

4. Besides being pretty, you are affectionate, smiling, close, cheerful, attentive and kind. The time will not come that I get tired of reminding you over and over again of everything you mean in my life, how important you are to me and how much I love you. I’m a very lucky stupid.

Perfect if you want to make her feel good and special, very good if you are in a recent relationship or want to get to have it.

5. The best things happen when you least expect them. I didn’t believe in love anymore, I was sad, without any hope of finding the perfect woman to be with me, to whom I could give myself body and soul, trust my innermost secrets and love above all else … And right off the bat You arrived, giving me the biggest surprise that they could have given me.

It serves if you are a man or a woman, to dedicate it to that person that you did not think would come into your life and have improved it.

6. There have been bad times, but looking back, I am sure that the story we are currently living is worth it, and that I will continue to be happy if I can wake up one more day by your side.

Maybe your relationship is having some issues lately, and they have been resolved. You can use it to make your boy feel safe.

7. Love is that gun that we all shoot ourselves with at some point, I would die if the bullet came out of you.

A phrase that seems to be pessimistic but really says that you do not care what happens, as long as it is for that person. Originally it is a phrase of the rapper Canserbero.

8. My happiness would be complete, if I spent most of my day by your side. However, I am happy to see you even for a moment every day, because that little moment makes my life happy. It is you who gives me the strength to continue fighting, and the one who makes me better with your love. And it is that, without you, everything is different; because without your love there is nothing.

Does that person make your day with just a little message? You can dedicate this phrase to him, so that he understands how special he is for you.

9. There is always a little madness in love, there is always a little reason in madness. That they chain me for you.

The philosopher Nietzsche was the one who wrote this phrase, very beautiful and simple.

10. For my love it was just a word, but I met you and now I gave it a meaning.

This is just a way to paraphrase a phrase by Paulo Coelho.

11. When you realize that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone is when you want the rest of your life to start as quickly as possible,

This phrase is said by Harry to Sally in the movie When Harry Met Sally.

12. I’d rather have just the scent of your hair, a kiss from your mouth or a touch of your hand, rather than an eternity without it.

Seth, played by Nicolas Cage, in “An Angel in Love.”

13. Let’s make one hand out of our hands. Let’s make our hearts one heart. Let’s make our oaths the last oath. Only death will separate us.

Also taken from a movie, but pretty enough to dedicate.

14. I will wait for you so you don’t know, even if I have to do in the form of “I love you” I will make thousands of masks, and I will wear them when I should before any woman who does not deserve my dry face.

A way of saying you miss someone, taken from Apa and Can’s song Stupid Love Story.

15. Today I am going to give you another concept of loving you, rather than touching you it simply has to do with thinking about you.

This phrase, perfect for distance situations, was taken from the topic Do it with thinking about it by Canserbero.

16. I won’t tell you that I can’t live without, because if I can, I simply don’t want to.

You can use it in several situations, but also from another Canserbero song, called Thinking of you.

17. Because when I am like this only you give peace to my soul, when I collapse only you are there, when I want to cry you are soaked in my pain, because you are me as I am you.

One of the lines from That Fear, Aniki’s song.

18. I will learn stories to tell you, I will invent new words to tell you in all that I love you like nobody else.

If you start a relationship this phrase is enough to tell you that you will do your best.

19. I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.

Phrase said by Julia Roberts in the movie Notting Hill.

20. It may help to know that in the few hours we spend together, we love each other for a lifetime.

Sarah Connor dedicated this phrase to her beloved Kyle, in Terminator. If you met her and she left shortly after, use her.

21. Loving someone is one thing, someone loving you is another. But being loved by the same person you love is everything.

This phrase by Paulo Coelho is quite good and simple, you can put it in a love letter.

22. I want to be that person who wakes up next to you in bed, every morning of your life; and the one who kisses you and makes you happy. You are my Love; and I just want to make you happy. In this way, every time I read a message from you on my mobile, I am happy as a child; And it is because you are my queen, the only one worthy of my affection.

Do you have a long distance relationship? You sure liked it.

23. I think I would miss you even if I had never met you.

A way of telling that person that you are destined and connected to be together.

24. Seeing you was like seeing someone for the first time. They look at each other for a few seconds, and there is a kind of recognition as if they both know something. The next moment the person is gone and it is too late to do anything about it, but I want to do it with you.

Love at first sight, nice isn’t it?

25. It will not be easy, it will be very difficult. And we will have to work hard every day, but I want to do it because I love you. I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day.

You should start any relationship being realistic, but being positive.

26. You are my knight in shining armor, and I am your princess, so we must be together.

Dedicate it to your boyfriend, who will surely like it.

27. When I listen to a romantic song, I can’t stop thinking about you, because you are the woman who always makes me happy. Thus, when I put my arms around you, I am the happiest being in the world. Therefore, I thank you for being that unique woman, that I have been waiting for so long.

Nice phrase to make someone understand how special they are to you.

28. I fell in love with you, the way you smile in the middle of each kiss, the way your lips kiss my neck. The way you laugh at my nonsense, your eyes, your smile, your feelings, your presence. I fell in love with the way you made me live again.

Try to memorize this for when you wonder why you fell in love with that person.

29. Did you know that when a penguin finds a mate, they stay together for life? Well, do you want to be my penguin and I your penguin?

Comparing yourself to animals is almost always cute, depending on the animal, of course.

30. We have listened to our hearts, it is up to fate to do the rest. I love you.

A good phrase which shows that not everything is in your hands.

31. There is no night in which I do not think of you, there is no dream in which you are not and there is no silence in which I do not listen to you.

You miss her a lot? You can try telling him this.

32. You think I love you very much, but the truth … is that I love you more than you can ever think.

Because sometimes love is like thinking about the infinity of the universe, you just don’t conceive it.

33. Just like bees collect pollen, you collect a piece of me every day, with your smile, affection, good words, attitude … you rebuild me for the better.

We all have that person who, more than anything else, has made us better over time.

34. If you live in my heart, you will have the advantage that I will not charge you rent.

It’s a romantic joke, for when the person you like wants to move.

35. Dreams come true, and I know it because you were my most cherished and longed-for dream before we were together.

If your partner didn’t know you loved her for a long time, then this is your chance to tell them.

36. Even knowing that you can despair me more than anyone in the world, I would not object to spending every irritating minute of my life by your side.

Because nobody is perfect, and yet they are loved.

37. Nor does God feel as much love for us as I do for you.

Very strong words, full of love and tenderness.

38. True love is like having your favorite song repeating itself over and over again, because even though you already know what the next verse or note is, it continues to enchant you more and more.

If your partner is afraid of living with you because of the “monotony” tell him this.

39. I’m not telling you that I love you out of habit, but to remind you of how important you are to me in my life.

Sometimes a simple “I love you” can make anyone’s day, say it often.

40. Love is not about how many days, weeks, months or years we have lived together, but how much love we have shared in that time.

Because sometimes the oldest loves are already deteriorated and the younger ones seem to be eternal.

41. If I had to choose which is my favorite place, I would choose to be by your side.

You can use this phrase to say “I love being with you” or “I like that we are a couple.”

42. It’s wonderful to have you in my life, because you make me smile even if you’re not even here.

Ideal phrase in case your partner went on a trip or is a long distance relationship.

43. This time that we have been apart has made me understand how much I love you and how important you are to me.

This phrase is very good if you have been estranged from your partner or if they have waited a long time to see each other.

44. I promise to love you passionately in all ways, now and forever. I promise never to forget that this is a love for life and always know deep down in my soul that no matter that it may separate us, we will always find each other again.

This phrase was dedicated by Leo to Paige in Every day of my life.

45. Sometimes I think that everything I have done in my life has led to you.

If you believe in destiny, this phrase is a b0mb.