the 5 most attractive women signs of the zodiac

The notion of beauty is very subjective. Commonly, we consider as “beautiful” what stimulates us and enlightens us. Escaping all logical reasoning, some people attract us without our understanding why. They act like a magnet that confines us in their magnetic field in spite of us. According to astrologers, there are women belonging to 5 zodiacal signs, which have the power to exert an unparalleled attraction on others.

The beauty criteria vary from person to person. But most people believe that to be seduced, the personality is just as important, if not more so, than the physical. To arouse the interest of someone, do not hesitate to affirm its difference and therefore its uniqueness.

Astral studies have shown that women born under these 5 zodiac signs, in particular, were the most attractive of all:

1. Aquarius

It is probably women who stand out the most. Indeed, the natives of this sign are not afraid to think and act differently. They have principles and values ​​that are unique to them. Creative, they always have new ideas to offer. Advocating freedom of expression and benevolent sharing, they never judge anyone and adapt easily to any kind of situation. They are flexible and understanding. They know how to build lasting relationships with people. The natives of this sign are sure of themselves and very independent, but are nonetheless sensitive and affectionate. However, they do not support either possessiveness or jealousy. In their relationships, they need transparency and complicity with their spouse.

2. Capricorn

Ambitious, Capricorn are determined to achieve their goals in all areas. They are responsible and proud. The natives of this sign are authentic and play no role to please. Honest, they take their commitments to heart and do everything to live up to their aspirations. Their natural charm, intelligence and generosity make them exceptional people. Capricorns do not let anyone enter their lives. They are aware of the danger of toxic relationships. They seek stability and harmony essential to their development.

3. Leo

The natives of this sign shine brightly. Beautiful and insightful, they are rigorous in all their deeds and actions. Dynamic, the Leo flee the routine. They try to constantly live new experiences and enjoy the company of others. They are warm people who arouse the sympathy of others. Always smiling and sweet, they have to their credit many secret admirers. At work, they are very competitive and seek collective recognition and success in their efforts.

However, Leo can sometimes display a personality arrogant or intolerant. They sometimes have trouble being in the company of different people. Indeed, these seductresses born are often in search of luxury to satisfy their vanity.

4. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are great optimists. The women born under this sign are generous and benevolent. They try to spread positive waves around them. They love to make their loved ones laugh and make them see life on the bright side. Indeed, they do not support the depression or headaches. Hungry for discoveries and adventures, they are thirsty for new journeys and experiences. They have a hard time accepting a morose routine and trying to make their existence more surprising so that it makes sense. The natives of this sign are also sincere and open-minded. Their rebellious side has the merit of seducing more than one. They are not afraid to take risks and to go against social norms. However,

5. Gemini

Gemini are very comfortable in society. They love chatting and sharing their most sordid ideas. Sure of them, they give no importance to the judgment of others. The natives of this sign are curious and constantly seek to develop their knowledge. They have a proven gift for communication and can adapt to any situation. Always on the lookout for new experiences, they may seem unstable but have for their defense a lot of energy to spare. Gemini have a personality that attracts but can also frighten at times. They must learn to channel their energy so that they can access inner peace essential to their well-being.