The 5 secrets to pleasing a woman

In the lines that follow, you are going to discover 5 things that are very important to women in a man. With these 5 advantages in mind, you will be one step ahead of all those guys who focus on the wrong things to do. attract beautiful women.

You finally think you’ve had a good meeting and you tell yourself that celibacy is behind you. Full of enthusiasm, you make every effort not to lose her and to make her feel good with you.

So what to do and what not to do when you meet a woman and you want to start a relationship with her?

1- Charm

Obviously that’s the least of things, it’s always nice to have a beautiful kid by your side.

2- That it be clean

Cleanliness is the basis, no one would want someone disgusting as a spouse!

3- Have charisma and confidence

Having a man who is overflowing with charisma and self-confidence immediately attracts you and gives you confidence in yourself as well. It’s always good !

4- Have principles and values

This is the basis of the basics! a man who has principles and values ​​we know at least that we can always count on him no matter the situation.

5- Money

But of course a woman likes having money.

She at least knows that she will always be financially comfortable. Nothing to do with materialism, a woman likes comfort and we must always take care of it!