The 5 zodiac signs whose heart is inaccessible

We all tend to meet a nice person who capsizes our heart. But many times, we find ourselves magnetically attracted to someone as each of our steps forward collides with a thick wall surrounding them. The sequence of events then depends on our motivation and the intensity of our love.

Thus, when some abandon and go beyond their desire, others prefer to fight against wind and tide to reach the soul of the person elected from their heart. Discover the 5 most difficult zodiac signs to conquer.


You can not blame yourself for being attracted by someone who is born with this sign. She is so magnetic and maintains a dark and mysterious side that never ceases to feed the fantasies of more than one and their insatiable interest to discover more about the hidden life of this person.

The hardest thing when you want to seduce her is precisely whether she gives you the same interest or not. She has a fiery character and knows very well how to hide her feelings. Her rather suspicious mind pushes her not to reveal her game from the beginning, which makes it all the more difficult to pin down.

To be able to seduce a Scorpion, you must have a quick and intelligent mind. These people are sapios exual beings. You must also be ready for more originality in terms of s ex because the natives of this sign like to venture out and discover new practices to spice up their life as a couple.


It turns out that the native people of the sign of Virgo are the most perfectionists of the zodiac, and therefore set the bar high by being extremely picky. They also have a strong sense of ethics, pay attention to your actions in society.

These people demand honesty, seriousness and sincerity. In addition, they already have a list of pre-established criteria to be held by their contenders. It is a sign that is subject to anxiety and may misinterpret one of your love advances. Make sure they understand your intentions, they are still people who are always attentive and attentive.

To conquer a person with the sign of the Virgo, one must have a minimum of order in one’s life and know how to demonstrate one’s potential as a person to found a home. Be attentive to small details, show tenderness and sweetness, this will have the merit of increasing your chances of conquering a person native to this sign there.


It must be understood that Sagittarians value their freedom and find it difficult to engage in a medium or long term relationship. They give a lot of importance to appearances and can develop excessive pride. They love to be adulated constantly and to feel passionately desired.

If you choose a person of this sign, you must be willing to make concessions especially if you are a person of possessive nature. You must also be a jovial person, ready for adventure without being complicated. We must really move forward in simplicity without falling into dullness and boredom, because nothing makes them flee more than that.

Be ready to accompany them in their discoveries and their adventures. Do not be reluctant to leave your routine with him either.


They are essentially independent people, who like to fly on their own and do not like to feel their moor tied to a dock that weighs them down. Reason why they may seem cold and distant.

An Aquarius is a daring person, you must be ready to continually come out of your comfort zone to be able to approach and seduce them. Remember that this sign does not work according to the conformities, and does not often envisage to engage in a stable relation. So if you want to start a home soon, it’s not really a choice to choose. He is not equally attracted to people lacking in creativity as he himself is one of the most original signs of the zodiac. If you want to approach it properly, be original and do not miss out on the beaten path of seduction.


We must arm ourselves with courage to charm a Capricorn! They do not reveal their feelings and their pride tends to fog their view of things. If you want a fantastic story with intriguing twists, you will have to ignore this sign because it has a penchant for stability. He needs to find his marks in the relational marketing that you do before starting, hence the importance of reassuring him continuously that he is on the right track with you.

Feel free to be simple, do not opt ​​for extravagances of dress or meetings in unusual places. But if you do, you reach the tender heart of a person who considers fidelity and respect as cornerstones, essential to the development of a balanced relationship.