The 8 habits of women that come true

Many people do not find it useful to raise awareness about their lives. Yet women who realize themselves have habits. They are actresses of the events, they do not undergo them … You will say to me everyone does not necessarily wish to accomplish great things.  However, each one of us, at very different levels, wants to be fulfilled, to see certain aspects of our daily life change… Whether it is losing weight, changing jobs, separating from a toxic companion or learning a new discipline or even come true otherwise !!!

But for lack of courage, will, and fear of the eyes of others,  lack of self-confidence, they will do nothing.

They will remain in their situation, of course, which does not really suit them, but which will not require more effort to change the situation !!

Yet women who realize themselves have simple habits, which are easy to set up in order to optimize their life 

1- Women who realize themselves take risks:

It is more convenient not to do violence to oneself, to accept one’s life as it is, and to apprehend it without asking too many questions … However with such habits, one cannot expect much !!! For any change, you have to take risks, get out of your comfort zone … it’s the only way to evolve and grow. I’m afraid to speak in public and well I force myself to do it, I want to change my job I give myself the means to train myself in another job, my companion brings me more negative things than positive well I leave it .. even if it costs me !!!

2- Being authentic is one of the qualities of women who realize themselves:

We can not please everyone … By dint of wanting to please, and trying to say yes to the greatest number we get lost and we please no one. You have to be yourself to realize yourself !!! Standing out from the group is difficult in a society where we tend to standardize, from an early age we strive to resemble others to identify with a community. However, keeping one’s identity is essential… It is preserving the right to be free and to exist in its own right.

3- They surround themselves with successful people:

It is very important to surround yourself with people who have the same dynamic as us. This is a phenomenon that has been scientifically proven … If you are with inspiring people you will copy their mode of operation, which will pull you up !!! Conversely, if we frequent negative people, not very ambitious or depressing … well, guess what will be the conclusion? It is not there to feel superior to others but to want to evolve ^^

4- They accept responsibility for their actions:

Everything we do is our sole responsibility …. This is an observation that must be integrated into our actions. There is no other reason why we have failed than our own responsibility. It is the prerogative of successful people. If I have not accomplished this or that objective it is my fault. We must give ourselves the means to succeed. More work, more attendance, resume classes, get up earlier, play sports… We have the means to succeed and accomplish ourselves !!!

5- The women who realize themselves have habits, rituals of life:

When you want to change to achieve your goals, you can’t do it all at once. Only rituals of life, habits put in place daily, allow real changes in the long term. Thus, if we take the example of a diet, we will not be able to keep it in the long term if we establish as sole objective the fact of losing weight !!! We must know how many pounds we plan to lose weight, how we are going to shed those pounds, establish a daily routine programming very specific meals, and what will be the real benefits for our health. It is a guard that protects us and gives us a course of action to maintain to achieve our goal. Each small action carried out, each small effort will carry us towards our achievements.

6- They know how to overcome failures and persevere:

It is difficult to stay the course in the face of failure… But that is all the difference between successful people and others !!! Henry Ford suffered five failures before launching his successful company, Albert Einstein began his life with a significant delay in speech and reading, Thomas Edison was fired from two jobs and qualified as a fool before inventing the light bulb, Oprah Winfrey had to deal with a difficult childhood and many professional setbacks, suffer from omnipresent racism before experiencing success, Charlie Chaplin known to numerous rejections on the part of Hollywood producers before breaking into the cinema, Jk Rowling, author of Harry Potter, was without money, depressed, divorced and raising his child alone; she suffered thirty refusals before seeing her work published. However, what is the common denominator for all these celebrities? Because they never gave up. They believed in them ….

7- They set very high goals:

And yes, only big goals will allow you to achieve your projects and go far. Indeed if we think big and we do not reach the goal we set we can hope to reach a little less than the original goal, see half. But in any case, this way of thinking will have pulled us up.

On the contrary, if we have few ambitions and well I let you guess the results … They will be mediocre !!!

Also, women who manage to think big have an unshakable self-confidence, it is what allows them to distinguish themselves from

others and access the best….

8- Procrastination is not part of their mode of operation:

“Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do the same day” This proverb confirms to us that it is essential to do the things we want to do on time. Actually postponing what we can do immediately can poison our lives and create worry. Either these are small things that will accumulate and we will find ourselves very quickly overwhelmed (accumulation of paperwork, poorly arranged cupboards that make us waste precious time when we are looking for something and that we are in a hurry, do not have your car repaired and find yourself broken down during an important appointment .. or in deeper areas, postpone thinking later that there will be more favorable moments to achieve (to change work, do a child, change companion…) Now the present is the only thing we have within our reach… Waiting to be thinner, richer, older, better preparing, waiting to be perfect to do this or that action prevents us from realizing ourselves !! What generally blocks us from doing what we want to do is our fears, our fears, our anxieties, the eyes of others. But we must transform all these fears into pep’s, into dynamism to surpass ourselves. It is in discomfort that we realize ourselves, that we raise our standard of living …

Women who realize themselves are above all in action 

The action is saving and makes happy. We are satisfied to have surpassed ourselves and that’s where the key to happiness goes.

What makes us surpass ourselves, fill us …  Life is only worth living if we really feel filled. I mean by filled to be fulfilled, satisfied to the fullest. What will happen when, at the end of our lives, we have to take stock of past years? should we retreat from the difficulty? or on the contrary to embrace the confident and daring life !!