The 8 little secrets of couples who last

Time goes by and they still seem so united: how do these couples still be together after so many years? We went to see them and we asked them their little secret, their little trick to be still standing. Find out what they said and take notes!

  • The laugh

Tomi 35 and Inès 32, a couple for 8 years 
For Inès and Tomi, the secret of a lasting couple is laughter. They laugh about the same things over and over. Tomi confides in us: “I remember very well that time when we went to the cinema to see a comedy which made the whole of France laugh… We didn’t laugh for a second. And we said to ourselves when we left: it doesn’t matter, we are already laughing all the time. Whereas some couples only laugh together when they go to the movies, don’t they? ”. Not false. Inès nods: “Tomi still makes me laugh so much after all these years! I believe that without humor, we would be nothing. I dare not imagine the day when our humor will no longer meet… ”.

  • Indifference

Patrick 54 and Nathalie 50, in a relationship for 25 years
The first thing Patrick and Nathalie tell us when we ask them the secret of their couple’s longevity is: “We each have our duvets, we have a good night’s sleep. like that! ”. Nathalie continues: “No, in reality, you will find that strange, but I think you need a hint of indifference, finally a hint of” I don’t care “with regard to the other. To know how to stay with yourself, not to depend on the other, not to give him too much importance in the moments when he does not deserve it. Do you think I’m a cow? I said suspicion, eh! Just a hint ”. Patrick laughs and says he doesn’t care. That way everyone is happy! We like it.

  • Natural

Damien 37 years old and Gwenaëlle 35 years old, in a relationship for 18 years
Damien and Gwenaëlle met as children. They grew up together, went to school together… and started their love affair later, in high school. Their secret is naturalness, quite simply “We knew how to remain ourselves. Well, maybe because we’ve known each other since kids! But in any case, we are spontaneous, we say things to each other as we think them, there is no embarrassment, I believe that it is the most important, to be able to be oneself in a couple… ”explains Gwenaëlle. Damien agrees: “What I love about Gwenaëlle is that I am myself, yes. Besides, it helps me to be myself! Pretending, playing a role … that kills couples, that. “

  • Gender 

Anthony 29 years old and Marion 30 years old, in couple for 5 years
Anthony and Marion look at each other and think. “Can we answer s**x?” Marion asks. Yes, we can answer s**x! Their little secret is therefore under the duvet. “Finally sometimes on the sink or the table, eh!” jokes Anthony. They both explain to us that they are having fun in bed, that they make constant efforts to surprise each other and discover new pleasures. “We love s**x and our complicity in bed strengthens our ties” comments Marion. “When we have a bit of slack, adds Anthony, we find ourselves on the pillow and things get better!”.

  • Attention

Simon 31 years old and Geraldine 32 years old, in a relationship for 5 years
Simon and Geraldine pay attention to each other’s well-being at all times. “I think I can say that Simon never gave up on me for a second. He never forgets my important appointments, to buy my favorite chocolates, to fill up with gas if I need the car… and I take great care of him too! ”. Simon confirms. Yes, he is vigilant. He knows what Geraldine is going through, what she wants, hopes and waits for. And he tries to fill it as much as possible. “I need to know that she is happy. Geraldine is like that too. I always feel her present and it’s very pleasant, says Simon. We prove to each other every day that we love each other without necessarily telling each other. It maintains the link, the thread does not let go. “

  • Independence

Samir 39 years old and Julie 36 years old, in a relationship for 11 years
Samir and Julie have known each other for four years. They don’t live together yet but are starting to think about it. “People find that we hang out a lot,” Samir tells us. “My friends think that Samir is a phobic of commitment, adds Julie. But it’s wrong ! We just took our time. When I met Samir, he was a bear, a real one, who needed his moments alone… I also liked being alone, maybe not as much as him, but I accepted his way of life. I even took a liking to find myself. I realized that a beautiful life for two is first and foremost about two separate lives that are fully fulfilled and that cannot be eaten! ”. Here it is, their secret: respecting everyone’s desires and habits, not invading them and taking the time to build. We wish them all the best in their future apartment. “We’re going to take it big, eh, just to be able to lead our respective lives quietly! ” concludes Samir.

  • Trust

Nicolas 35 and Marie 35, a couple for 7 years
Nicolas and Marie base their love story on trust. “It’s very silly but it’s essential, confidence! If I didn’t trust Marie, I would go crazy every day, you saw how beautiful she is! ” exclaims Nicolas. Marie smiles and goes further “I have confidence in Nicolas, I do not ask any questions and it is the absence of doubt that allows us to advance serenely … But I would even say that we have confidence in the future. simply. I believe in us. Our story will continue to be pretty. If we start from the principle that everything can screw up, it’s the beginning of the end! ”.

  • Care

Romain 37 years old and Caroline 33 years old, in couple for 8 years
Caroline and Romain reveal their secret: they take care of their couple. “We have to pamper it, take care of it,” Romain introduced. However, it is not my thing but Caroline taught me! ”. We turn to Caroline who explains to us that a couple, yes, it is pampering. You have to look at your couple as a third person who deserves good. “We organize small evenings just for us, without the children, we take advantage … But above all, when things are not going well, we discuss, we adjust … The whole point is not to give up at the slightest concern, but to repair, quietly. We heal the little ailments and this is how the couple is aging! ”