The day I met the man of my life

On the path that we call life, there are many beings that we are led to meet. Most will not stop or for a short time, some will advance with us to a certain point, and finally, the rarest will become real pillars of our existence.

It is stealthy encounters, sometimes regrettable. There are also pleasant, important, beautiful.


This meeting is characterized by a sweet mixture of magic and unexpected.

This morning of April 1 , I was prepared for the day ahead, to come face to face with a number of jokers of all kinds … So much so that on the way to join him at the fixed meeting place, i thought about the possibility of a hoax.

It’s been a while since I woke up in this bed, which was far too big for me, alongside a cold, empty place. This situation does not suit me so bad. I loved, I suffered. From now on, I hardly have any more pain, and relish my serenity recovered little by little. They are part of my life, but I have decided, men will only pass for the moment.


I see them, some, like vultures, who revolve around me. Others, tender as lambs, kindly try to tame me without success. Finally, those whom I ironically call my “favorites”, pretentious convinced of their irresistible charm, exhaust me from their extreme heaviness.

He, however, stands out … He even begins to occupy in my thoughts, a place less and less negligible … Would I be falling back into the nets of love?


This meeting is that of a man who does not look like any of them. It is a mirage, a hallucination, a dream. However, I have the strange feeling of having already seen him somewhere … His face is not unknown to me, his voice is familiar to me. It is not quite the one I imagined … It is even very far from it. When, for the first time, his velvet eyes meet mine, I recognize him; and already know it… It is beyond all the ideals that I had created for myself. He is the one I have secretly dreamed of forever.

Well sheltered, nestled behind my nature reserve, I only observe it discreetly. The way he looks at me is more insistent but never annoying, even flattering .

When he approaches me, it is with a surprising spontaneity which is nonetheless irresistible.

His speech is frank, his speed rapid, and it is with disconcerting ease that with me he pleads his cause.

He seems to have that nervous side. His speech is accompanied by great gestures. Constantly hopping from one foot to the other, he is unable to control the extra energy that characterizes him. This only adds to its charm. Sure of himself, he might seem to make his interesting. However, he has no pretensions. He just seems to know what he wantsWhimsical, joker, he amuses me as much as he softens me. When he suddenly seems to regain his seriousness, a part of me struggles to find him credible, and yet he assures me of all his sincerity, I am ” cute “, ”  since the time he waits for that  “, I give it back ”   phew  “. He does not explain what is happening.

Enterprising, a bit daring, he instantly goes from the delicacy that reassures me, to the virility that seduces me.

Patience and tenacity will have been his watchwords. It will have taken three months. Her atypical charm, her disproportionate sensitivity will finally get the better of me. At that moment, opening his arms to mehe just asked me to come against him.

And it is in an unforgettable embrace, in the passionate exchange of the first kiss, that the most excessive and thrilling feelings took hold of my whole being. I understood it right now. What until then I had experienced as love was only a tiny part of what my heart was capable of experiencing. Suddenly, this passion gave me the strength to face my past wounds, to savor my present, and to believe in my future.

I was quick to pinpoint him, this playful boy, this tireless “messenger”, had nothing inside him except gaiety and joie de vivre. Regardless, two of us are always stronger.

I look at him, tell him that he is beautiful … He takes offense, he does not love himself. I came five years, he is thirteen years older than me. His maturity and tender insolence go hand in hand. They make him this playful and touching man-child. Filled with paradoxes, it can be contradictory. In his annoying hours, he only needs a glance to be forgiven.

He is in love, serious or temporary meetings. Meetings which accumulate, and which merge in the middle of all the others. Meetings that prove more credible and convincing than others. Quite simply, how often is what we call true love capable of making you so intoxicated …?

That day, she was not only pretty. Nor was it trivial. She was not one more, or a little more important than the others. Today’s meeting was simply unique. That day…. I met the man of my life.