The enigma of how to know if a man likes me

Although movies, television series and romance novels try to convince us otherwise, it is never easy to tell when a guy likes you . The masculine nature is so different, the way of expressing their feelings and emotions is so curious, that in most cases what for a man can be a sign of love and courtship, for a woman can be the expression of abnormal behavior, disinterested and often cause of displeasure.

It is so difficult to decipher the signs that a man likes you that many times the first attempts at rapprochement result in total disaster and you end up thinking that love was not made for you. Not everything is lost. Keep reading and you will understand the origin of this confusion and how to know what a man likes me .

Men and women are not the same

It must be said at once: men and women are not the same . But this statement must be better explained so as not to be judged by those who fight for gender equality. Yes, we must fight for the possibility that men and women have the same opportunities before society and this does not contradict the idea that we are developing in this post, widely demonstrated by a diversity of research, that both have differences linguistic and cognitive that come in many cases from the same prehistory. And these differences make it difficult for us to know if a man  likes me.

An abyss between men and women

There are those who affirm that the difference in activities in prehistory, when the man had the functions of hunter and defense, and the women of protection of the children and the home, emphasized the capacity of communication and expression of feelings in women. The man was left behind in communication and, in addition to seeing this attitude reinforced by today’s social conventions, which indicate that a man cannot cry or be sentimental because he loses his masculinity, it sometimes makes it feel like there is a gulf between these and the women. That is why it is common to hear among women: how do you know what a guy likes me? A question that deserves an immediate answer.

How does a man in love behave?

Imagine that you are watching a wildlife documentary, the one where the behavior of certain animals and their daily lives are discussed. Perhaps this way it will be easier to realize the attitudes that a man in love adopts towards the woman of his preference and the meanings of that behavior. A man in love is easy to detect because his routine is out of order and that is why it is easy as knowing that a man likes me. His priorities change and now he is able to do everything possible, even come up with crazy excuses to see the woman he loves. This means they can do crazy things like skip class, make up some reason for not going to work, or travel for hours just to be around you. If he behaves in this way, you can already be calm because it makes it easier for you to know that that man who has you in love likes you.

Signs that a guy likes you

If you have any doubts about the love that a man may feel for you, if you want to know if the man you like is attracted to you, the solution is that you are aware of what those fantastic signs are.

These signs are, for example, that the man always shows concern for you , to know how you are and if you need something in which he can help you. A man in love thinks all day about his beloved. For this reason, you make yourself his priority and he will try to involve you in all facets of his life. Surely the man will want to take you to witness his most beloved passions: to soccer or basketball games, to watch sports competitions on television, to drink with his friends or to play sports. Do not panic. The way for a man to say he loves you is to share his likes .

But how do you know what a man likes me

When he is with you, a man in love will not stop looking at you and will make you the topic of conversation with his family and friends . A man in love behaves in the strangest possible way and therefore a woman cannot decipher these attitudes. It is, without exaggeration, as if an inhabitant of Earth wants to establish contact with an extraterrestrial newcomer. But do not be distressed by these difficulties. As long as there are no traces of indifference or rejection of insurance, there will always be the possibility that this man likes you. If you are aware of these symptoms and behaviors, you can surely decipher if that man is madly in love with you.