The feeling of love: how to control it?

Ah, love, it’s so beautiful, but succeeding in controlling the feeling of love is even better!

And yes, in a new, fresh relationship, you have to take your time, discover yourself, get to know yourself better, and not be content with the madness of the first days.

Learn to control your feelings while continuing this beautiful beginning of love story.

Knowing how to control the feeling of love: Do not go too fast!

You are probably starting a romantic relationship with someone you’ve just met!

STOP! Remember not to go too fast, take your time and control your feelings while making the most of the good times with your dear and loving one.

You obviously have the right to invest yourself, to be yourself with him/her, and to take full advantage.

If you get the slightest feeling or crush, try not to go too fast and make sure the feelings are shared.

Make sure that the feeling is shared in order to better control it.

Not going too fast is also controlling your feelings and making sure your feelings are shared and reciprocated.

Wait until he/she takes the first step, that he/she already expresses to you what he/she feels for you.

This will make it easier for you to control your feeling of love and see that a beautiful story can begin …

Do you adore him/her and you don’t know how to control yourself?

You no longer know how to control yourself, she/he drives you crazy, when you see him/her, you lose all your means.

Love, at first sight, must really exist then. Only, keep a certain modesty in front of this person who is driving you crazy, your feelings must be sincere so if you rush and repeat to him/her all the time that you are crazy/crazy about him/her, it may hurt him/her. fear…

Then, learn to contain yourself, and still stay in the seduction episode, otherwise, everything is already done, the feelings are revealed, then no more surprise in love.

Mastering does not mean shutting down and losing him/her…

You have to find the right balance to get your feelings of love under control. And yes, you are not alone, and being in a relationship is also understanding the word “shared”.

You can therefore remain evasive, make him understand all the same that you care about him/her without doing too much, it’s possible!

Indeed, if you do not make any effort and you turn into a wall, you risk scare him/her away and lose him/her forever …

So put your own in it, love him/her with a few conditions and so your new story can begin in the best conditions.