The Friend Zone Explained: How Guys Get In It? And 3 Steps To Get Out

How do you know if you are in the Friendzone?

It can be frustrating to be so close to the woman of your dreams, to be a part of her life, to know her really well, and that the moment you dare to express your feelings to her, she responds with a simple “I see you as a friend.”

If this has happened to you, welcome to the Friendzone – or the “friend zone” – that status that men who failed to move their pieces on time will stop and now only perceived as a friendship by the woman who attracts them.

But having fallen into the “friend zone” does not have to be so negative, since it all depends on the approach you give to this situation and the way you act so that you manage to drag it to your ground, without it perceives.

As you read it, you can get out of the status of “special comrade” and become “the ideal boyfriend.”

Do you want to know how? Since we will present it to you in 3 simple steps.

How do you enter the Friendzone?

Entering the Friendzone is one of the most uncomfortable situations that can happen to you when you seduce a girl. Even if you are with her, accompany her, and be a part of her life, you enter the Friendzone when she decides that she prefers to have you as a friend instead of giving you the opportunity as a couple.

Going through this situation is equivalent to feeling that you are walking in hell, due to the fact that despite being next to the woman you love, you prefer someone else as a partner.

What is the friend zone or Friendzone?

The Friendzone is that place in the emotions of a person in which the hopes of having a relationship literally die.

It all begins when 2 people of the opposite gender share for a certain time and a connection develops, physical and sensitive by the shared experiences.

Sometimes the two walk-in exactly the same direction, that is, reciprocity thrives in them in the interest of friendship or as a function of a courtship. But in other cases, only one of them falls in love, while the other person only reached the level of friendship between the two. The two love each other, more in different ways.

So, we can assert that undoubtedly the Friendzone is the place you will never want to be if you fell in love with a girl.

This article is particularly aimed at those gentlemen, who have involuntarily transformed themselves into the cloth of tears of a very singular woman and who have still had to observe how they go after another, while you continue to rave for at least one touch of their hands.

Many times it is mistakenly believed that boys like to be womanizers, have many partners, and very little capacity for commitment. It is a stereotype that seeks to make them look more tough or competitive.

But the truth is that men fall in love as much, and so deeply, as a woman. When that happens, they are able to just focus on her. When they only want you as a friend, it not only hurts for love, it also hurts for ego and increases the lack of self-confidence.

Friendship is not a bad thing, conversely, but when your aspiration is to have a partner since it falls short. Between friends, there is trust and affection, but there is no passion.

If you fell into this area, surely he will value you a lot more, he will not give you what you want as a man and as a couple, unless you manage to change his perception of you. To do so, you must first understand why he listed you as a friend instead of giving you the chance as a couple.

For what reason did you get pigeonholed as the best friend?

Let’s understand something: every relationship necessarily begins with knots related to those of friendship.

There are basically 3 proven causes why you may have entered the Friendzone despite being attractive, respectful, pleasant, and having the affection of that girl.

Knowing these causes is essential so that you understand what you may have caused yourself, what were the mistakes you made, and how to adjust your behavior to prevent this from happening.

How to exit the Friendzone

We are going to propose them now. You will see that in order to leave the Friends Zone you will need to correct these 3 basic behaviors that lead you to it.

1. Make your true intentions clear to him

You have been after her for years, but waiting for a miracle to happen that will make her wake up so that she takes the initial step and gets closer to you, due to the fact that although you love her you have not even dared to express your true feelings.

This will not happen. And no because you are not valuable or because you cannot attract her. He is simply not going to appear out of nowhere, after a time of friendship, to declare his love to you if he has no idea of ​​your true claims.

How am I supposed to know if you haven’t talked fully about your feelings?

Perhaps it would have been enough some time ago just to tell him directly how you felt. That first time he told you how much he loved you as a friend, perhaps you should have responded with your real feelings, telling him that you see him as a woman.

Or maybe you shouldn’t even let the friendship go that far, but rather start flirting with him when you realized that you liked him so that he would take you into account as an alternative partner.

If you like him, you should tell him. The worst thing that can happen is that he affirms that he does not love you that way, and in any case that will leave you free to focus on another woman, instead of continuing to harbor emotions and hopes.

And if you want to maintain the friendship, there is always that possibility at all times. But yes, it is for your resolution and not because you did not dare to try.

2.  You fear rejection

Fear is something natural and moreover precise for the evolution of the species, due to the fact that it forces us to stop and avoid falling into superfluous inconveniences.

But the fear of a woman you love is not only meaningless, it hurts you. For fear you avoid living, being happy, you miss the opportunity to locate a huge couple.

Absolutely no one likes being rejected, but that fear cannot paralyze you. In truth, it plays against you, because if you dare to declare your feelings but you have a negative attitude, you will probably project insecurity and that will be appreciated. And the lack of security is not appealing.

Until you change your approach to a more positive vision, which improves your self-esteem, that singular girl will always end up in the arms of whoever had the courage to approach, invite her out and do what you do not try to be clinging to. the possibility of rejection.

3. You don’t think you are attractive

Women appreciate the physical qualities of men, as much as they do when they decide to go after a girl. The first attraction is necessarily visual, physical, and it is essential to be able to start a relationship.

But curiously many men considered less physically fortunate achieve surprising partners and marry really beautiful women.

It’s a matter of luck? Nothing of that! What these men have is the capacity for seduction. Not everything is about the image, you must also have skills, be interesting, chivalrous.

Men who have stable partners must not only be handsome, but rather be able to captivate, and sustain seduction, their women by showing them that they have charm, sympathy, manners, education, decency, respect, character, and potential to be husbands and ideal parents.

They are able to teach that they have more attributes than just the physical ones.

Do you want to go from being his friend to being his partner? Then stimulate his sympathy for you!

You will not achieve this by lamenting yourself in the corners for not having a natural cradle of gold or being taller, thinner, or more dashing. But rather believing you are sensual!

For that trust is essential. Believe in yourself, take care of your image, nurture your self-esteem. A confident man is interesting and attractive. That is the main thing to be able to captivate any woman.

How to avoid falling into the friend zone?

The answer is stated simply, although it is not easy in practice: reject their friendship.

This alternative will surely surprise you, especially because you like it and want to be close to it. But if you really want a relationship with that woman, then you must focus on achieving it, it is not just being a friend.

If you want something more, you must transform yourself into a desirable person in their eyes. For that, you have to be a man, literally. Show your more masculine, confident, and confident side, be manly and create a physical tension between the two of you.

It is not that you intimidate her or make her feel uncomfortable, but you must create that tension that opens the fissure between friendship and passion between the two of you.

It is that tension that makes anyone’s pulse race, their hands sweat, they hesitate when chatting, they blush and cannot stop thinking about the other when it generates attraction. Get their attention, arouse interest and a desire to be together.