The keys to a happy couple

Happy couples also have their share of conflicts and differences. The difference is that these couples face and resolve this turmoil with mutual respect and empathy.

A relationship is not a long quiet river. There are always discussions, disagreements, and issues that can damage the relationship. So what are the keys to a happy and fulfilled couple?

Happy couples follow a set of guidelines that deviate somewhat from any beliefs we may have about good relationship behavior.

These are myths and so-called truths whose relevance we should always question.

One question remains. What are the keys to a happy couple? What are they doing that we are not doing? We will find out together in this article.

Happy couples show affection and respect

If in a couple, there is no respect of the two partners for each other, then the relationship is doomed to break up. Because indeed, respect is a fundamental pillar that goes hand in hand with affection.

One of the secrets of happy couples is that partners are aware that, after the phase called “honeymoon”, the couple relaxes slightly.

We no longer feel those butterflies in the stomach that used to make us so nervous or nervous. Indeed, we pass into the phase of more mature love.

However, this does not mean that love will fall and die out in a series of predetermined mistakes.

Showing affection means hugging, kissing the cheek, taking each other by the hand. But it is also smiling or simply saying “thank you”.

All these little things that, on occasion, get lost as you get to know the other, as you get used to them and the relationship.

  • Happy couples know that contact is essential. Because, in the absence of this contact, the couple transforms into passive companionship.
  • Displays of affection are necessary to get closer to one another. To connect with each other and not let the relationship sink into monotony.
  • Without connection and without caresses, s**x, over time, can also sink into oblivion.

The intelligent conflict management of a happy couple

Another key to happiness in a relationship is that partners act intelligently in the face of specific problems that may arise in the relationship. A factor of definitive failure could be the emergence of conflicts resulting from differences of point of view.

However, happy couples know that mutual respect comes first. Thus, the partners will be able to communicate what they think without attacking the other or imposing their opinion.

They listen to each other, listen to each other’s position, and, from that, try to find a solution to satisfy both partners. That is, they try to find common ground.

Many couples make the mistake of hiding dust under the rug, trying to manipulate them, berating the partner, and acting in a way that damages the relationship.

However, there are other ways of resolving conflicts. However, to do this, it is imperative that we respect the other, listen to him, and be able to show empathy for his partner.

They create what we call an “Atlas of Love”

The ultimate key to happiness in a couple is the creation of an Atlas of Love, which is none other than the pattern that the couple will create during the relationship.

Within this diagram, the answers to the following questions are given: What are the things that interest my partner? What makes my partner happy? What motivates him?

The answers to all these questions will create a relationship pattern that any happy couple will perpetually take into account.

Thanks to this diagram, each member of the couple builds their daily life taking into account the dreams of the other, their aspirations, and goals. But also the most important events, what motivates him, what makes him happy …

With this, the members of the couple complement each other, get to know each other much better. They thus have the keys to living a much richer daily life.

Happy couples don’t do anything extraordinary to be happy. Simply, they try to ensure the well-being not only individual but also mutual and relational.

The communication, empathy, and other above-mentioned elements will be important to have a truly successful relationship.

Each problem is solved by communicating and listening to each other, and each difficulty is solved hand in hand. A couple is a team.

Now that you know the keys to a happy couple, will you put them into practice?