The man in your life will do these 10 things differently compared to all your exes

1. The man in your life will be present.

He will look at you from the other side of the table rather than tapping on his phone. He will ask you questions in group conversations rather than ignoring yourself and focusing on his friends. He will be there. He will never give you the impression of being alone while he is in the same room as you.

2. The man in your life will encourage you to grow.

He won’t push you to change your hairstyle or clothes because he loves you the way you are. But if he notices that you aspire to achieve a certain goal, he will motivate you to pursue your dream. He won’t let you settle for the minimum. He will do everything in his power to help you flourish.

3. The man in your life will find more than one way to be intimate with you.

Physical intercourse isn’t the only time your bodies touch each other. He will hold your hand when traveling by car. He will let you lay your head on his knees on lazy Sundays. He will put his hands on you all the time, not just when he wants something from you.

4. The man in your life will make room for you in his universe.

He will invite you to summer parties and dinners with his parents. He will explain the jokes he only shares with his friends so that you understand them. He will make sure you are invited wherever he goes. He will make you a permanent place in his world.

5. The man in your life will give you a secure place.

He will make sure you know you can tell him everything, by listening to you carefully when you speak to him and never judging the words that come out of your mouth. His first priority will be to make you feel safe, serene and comfortable. He will want you to never be worried by his side. He will want you to feel protected.

6. The man in your life will put your relationship before himself.

He will come home and ask you how your day was before complaining about his own. He will make decisions that will be best for both of you rather than impulsively opting for the selfish option. He will be the best friend you have ever had, even if it is not always easy for him.

7. The man in your life will try to understand your point of view.

He will not explode when you come to it and have blamed for it. He will not immediately get defensive or make you feel that your feelings are wrong. He will put himself in your place. He will do his best to understand.

8. The man in your life will ease your pain.

He will not be able to protect you from grief and annoyance but he will do his best to cheer you up as soon as life becomes difficult. He will make jokes. It will reassure you. And when he knows that whatever he says, nothing can improve the situation, he will be there for you. He will make sure you are not alone.

9. The man in your life will change the way you see yourself.

He cannot force you to love yourself but he will do his best to make you see your worth. He will compliment you daily. He will treat you with unwavering respect. It will give you that kind of love so you never felt worthy but still deserved it.

10. The man in your life will make you feel like you are exactly where you need to be.

It will take away all your doubts about the existence of eternal love. It will convince you that certain relationships can actually last a lifetime – and yours is one of them.