The most beautiful relationships are those you don’t expect

We place a lot of hope on romantic relationships. Whether it is because of the influence of cinema, books or relationships that we witnessed during our childhood, we imagine a lot about love. We think we know what it looks like, what shape it takes and that we will ABSOLUTELY be able to spot it when it knocks on our door.

Perhaps it is true. Maybe we can. Love is one of the things you can’t always explain, but when it’s there, we know it.

The best relationships are not the ones we have planned. These are not the ones that we wrote among the list of our desires and about which we dreamed for hours.

The most beautiful relationships are those that surprise us when our feelings overwhelm us. Suddenly something (or someone) comes out of nowhere. A person we did not expect. A situation that we could not have foreseen. We weren’t even looking for it!

But there is no denying it. This passion that grows in our body. These wild butterflies that flutter all over our stomachs. It happens for no reason. It happens, that’s all. As in the case of gravity, an invisible force emerges that we are unable to stop.

The best relationships continue to surprise us. They rarely take place according to pre-established plans. Often they are untidy and untimely. They are problematic, have faults and require work just as much as dedication. They are dynamic, constantly changing and evolving.

Of course, it’s nice to get the things we wanted. It is delicious to have waited for something for a long time and to see it land in our hands in a second. Obviously. Obviously, it’s nice.

But what are the moments we remember most? The relationships, the people, the situations that we keep talking about for years?

These are often things that we wanted without knowing it. We didn’t know they were waiting for us around the corner. Because we didn’t know they existed. How could we have known?

The most beautiful relationships are those whose existence we did not know. And then, as if by a miracle, they are there.

They exist.

And they are even more beautiful than we had dreamed of. They are more beautiful than anything we could have imagined. Because they are real. And we didn’t even see them coming.