The quality that women look for the most in men is …

No, the ideal man is not muscular, neither rich nor prince charming. It is a study by the TNS Sofres Institute which tells us that women are not attached to the physique or to the bank account, but to specific character traits: the perfect man must be attentive, and with a handsome look, regardless of age, origin, social class. But the quality that women look for first is…. Let him be funny!

Women who are sensitive to humor above all

An interesting study carried out by doctors at the Stanford school of Medicine and published in Social Neuroscience shows us what can induce pleasure in women and men. To do this, they called on a group of 22 boys and girls aged 6 to 13. They divided the group into 3 and had them view several pictures while observing their brain activity.

Group 1 watched funny pictures of falls and animals in funny situations.
Group 2 watched positive, emotional, and awe-inspiring images.
Group 3 watched neutral images: children playing, animal documentaries.

The researchers then asked the children which images they liked the most.

The boys loved the positive pictures and the girls the funny pictures. And this was confirmed with the analysis of brain activity. The researchers, therefore, concluded that the girls were very sensitive to humor from an early age, which is confirmed in the TNS Sofres Institute survey.