The signs that prove that you are in love!

Ah, love, you don’t think this can get you down. And yet it is, but you are always the last to know!

Thrill, emotion, your heart pounding and sometimes you don’t want to eat any more. Well, ladies, it is without a doubt the beginning of such a strong love, which almost makes you sick.

Follow the 10 signs that prove you’re in love!

You speak and think only of him!

You may not realize it but it’s “him here, him there”. He is in all your conversations and you are making your friends jealous.

At the same time, who wouldn’t love to fall in love? Love, such a strong feeling, which, we can say, goes to your brain.

Impossible to remove this young man from your thoughts, he is there all the time. Already you are starting to have the symptoms of the woman in love. Yes, yes, believe me!

The appearance, the excitement of seeing him and hearing from him

How do you like to make yourself beautiful when you know you are going to see him. Obviously, you need to feel the most beautiful in his eyes. Your appearance then becomes essential to be the only pretty woman in his eyes.

After making yourself beautiful, what excitement to find him! Nothing can stop you, you are on the verge of hysteria so much you no longer want to find him.

No sooner are you left than you have this need to hear from him all the time. What he does, where he is … You have to know everything, that’s all.

Your jealousy sets in and the other men .. Forgotten!

His friends bother you, and as soon as he brings up the subject, you boil so much that makes you jealous. One thing is certain, it is yours and just for you.

Then you only have eyes for him, so in that case, you can say goodbye to other men, who don’t even exist for you anymore. Signs that do not deceive, and which express your feelings of love for this man …

His faults no longer exist, you calculate everything and more appetite!

So when you start to fall in love with this man, nothing bothers you about him, and his flaws magically turn into qualities.

Isn’t this young man perfect? Maybe a mistake, but you tend to calculate everything when you’re in love… You try to hide and avoid saying the wrong things.

In the end, what matters is being perfect for him. On the other hand, you have to eat, and yes because you hardly eat any more and that is the sign which proves that you are in love.