The (somewhat expensive) tip for happy couples

When you live as a couple, even if you are madly in love, small arguments are often inevitable. To avoid some, there is a very simple tip, although unfortunately a little expensive. We will explain everything to you.

No matter how much two people love each other, all romantic relationships have their share of arguments. Although the cause of these disputes is obviously not the same for everyone, there are general subjects which regularly cause problems.

One of these topics is cleaning. Sharing household chores, even if it is well established in a home, can be the source of various conflicts: one does not do the housework enough, the other does it badly, things that drag on, etc… To solve this problem, there is a rather obvious trick. We warn you, it is, unfortunately, a little expensive.

The most frequent subjects of dispute

Recently, the Lasting application, dedicated to the well-being of marriage, recently surveyed more than 75,000 married couples in order to establish a list of the 5 most frequent subjects of argument among couples.

And indeed, two of these subjects are related to household chores. This seems logical since nobody necessarily wants to spend too much time there and it is always tempting to leave the chore of the dishes to the other (not to mention the fact that the sharing of household tasks does not have not always been the norm).

This survey, relayed by the Hello Giggles site, proves that cleaning can be an obstacle to happiness in many couples. Without wanting to dramatize, the majority of couples could stop arguing if housekeeping was not a problem.

A cleaning lady for the happiness of the couple

Still, according to the Hello Giggles site, there is a solution to deal with this problem: hire a person to clean your apartment daily, someone who could get rid of many chores and thus avoid a lot of beating. We warned you that this expensive idea is not necessarily accessible to everyone.

This theory is based on a recent study by Harvard University and Columbia University. The authors of the paper surveyed more than 3,000 people as a couple on the well-being of their relationship.

Researchers have found that couples who have spent money on cleaning services have reported being happier in their relationship. By having less to worry about household chores, couples argue and take advantage of their free time to spend time together or to do fun activities.

Couple therapist Aimee Hartstein confirms the results of this study at Bustle: “I think paying for a service to get rid of these chores is good for romantic relationships. These days we are so overwhelmed and overwhelmed that the argument ‘Who does the most’ comes up regularly. Even if you have to cut back on eating out to pay for cleaning services, couples are more likely to be able to spend time together, without arguing about who is going to spend. ‘vacuum !”

The good sharing of chores

If this tip sounds easy, not everyone can afford it, even cutting costs in half. If this is your case, don’t panic! Your relationship is far from being doomed to failure.

If cleaning is a big problem in your relationship, especially for the distribution of different chores, you should just try to resolve this dispute. To avoid arguing on a daily basis, you must first have a good discussion, to be on the same wavelength as your partner.

“If you feel that you cannot count on him and that he does not feel responsible for the household tasks, that is likely to pose a serious concern within your couple “, explains the couple therapist Racine Henry, in Bustle.

To start, you can establish a schedule of the tasks to be carried out throughout the week and distribute them according to the timetable of each one. It is a good start towards equitable sharing, which will surely save you from many arguments.