The type of boy you should expect (decryption according to your month of birth)


Expect a boy who lives up to your ambitions and your hard-working nature. You are a go-getter and a badass! Not only do you deserve someone who is not intimidated by your successes and passionate temperament but who is also eager to be by your side and offer you support.


Expect a boy who is patient and curious about everything, but especially about you. You are an unpredictable spirit – for a moment you are adventurous and full of passion and the one after that you are calm and thoughtful. Choose a boy who loves every aspect of you, from your part of light to your vulnerable side and everything in between.


Expect a boy to take care of you as much as you take care of him. You are someone so honest, considerate, and compassionate that you deserve a boy who admires and adores these qualities, and not only sees them as a way to achieve your own ends. You deserve someone who prioritizes you as you used to make others a priority.


Wait for a boy who falls in love with your light. While some men in your past may have been suffocated by your strong personality and your openness to your emotions – you now deserve a boy who just loves you for these parts of your personality and who has enough confidence in him so as not to be intimidated by your insurance and your uniqueness.


Expect a boy who can keep up with you. You are focused, dedicated to your passions and highly motivated and you need a boy who is up to the task. You need a boy who wants each of you to have your own life while wanting you to encourage and support each other.


Expect a boy who wants to be emotionally open and vulnerable. In the past, your sensitivity and compassion have sometimes led you to socialize with broken people, whom you felt you had to deal with. While it is okay to be with someone who has gone through difficult times, fixing the world is not your job! You deserve someone who is just as vulnerable and loving to you as you will be to him.


Wait for a boy who just wants to be with you. You are so friendly and sociable that you attract people a lot – potential lovers like friends. You need (and deserve) a boy who has enough confidence to tolerate your attractive and magnetic personality and who loves you all the more for these reasons. Choose a boy who never makes you feel like you have to “slow down” just to make him feel safer.


Wait for a boy to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. You have a leadership personality – people admire you, listen to you and “desire” you. And while you deserve a boy who respects you and loves you for your strength and your composure, you also need someone who won’t let you get everything you want and won’t be walked on. You need a balance in romantic relationships and you need a boy who can support you but is not afraid to assert yourself


Expect a boy who loves your passion for learning, experimenting and growing. You constantly want to learn and you deserve a partner who wants to do the same with you. Although you are deeply curious and passionate, you have difficulty opening yourself emotionally. So you need a boy who is not afraid to dig into you or challenge yourself so that you dare to open your heart.


Expect a boy who never takes your warmth, kindness and affection for granted. You have so much love to give that you deserve a boy who appreciates your kindness but will never try to take advantage of it. Expect a boy who is just as affectionate as you and who fills your life with joy but never with grief.


Wait for a boy who truly sees you and who never stops trying to understand you. You are extremely concentrated, hardworking and creative, but you can also be calm and want to avoid moments in society. You deserve a boy who loves your playful side while working constantly to learn more about yourself, to get to know yourself and to make you feel good together and be close.


Expect a boy who likes to have fun with you . You have such a cheerful and cheerful temperament that you deserve to be with someone who adds to this without taking anything away from it. Find that boy who appreciates your nonsense, who likes to joke around with you, but who can also hold a deep conversation while making you laugh every day.