The Unrealistic Expectations Women Have of Men

Many women have unrealistic expectations of men that were probably derived from Disney movies or some Nicholas Sparks movie (or book, if she’s interesting enough) that she watched and cried with her girlfriends in high school.

Even if novels or movies don’t inspire you, everyone daydreams.

Everyone has fantasies that illustrate what they would want in their perfect world.

Step in, my cynical side, to prove to you that your wishful thinking, daydreams, and expectations of men are almost unrealistic after all.

Waiting for him at the door

In several films, I have seen several scenes of a man waiting at the door of the house for a woman (sometimes in bad weather, if the film is quite dramatic) with flowers or nothing in his hands.

(Because it doesn’t really matter what he has to face – he’s there). He is usually there to declare his love, surprise her, apologize, etc.

If you’ve been waiting for the man of your dreams to stage this stunt or inspiring romance, you’re going to be waiting a long time.

It just won’t happen.

No guy will go out of his way to expect anything that isn’t positive: he’ll be there the moment he arrives.

Most men I know don’t even wait for the commercials to end while watching television.

What makes you think he’s going to wait longer than two minutes in front of your house to talk to you?

He’ll probably text you… maybe call if you’re lucky.

Running Through the Airport

This is great.

You know the scene – the couple gets into a serious fight and she’s about to board a flight, but he decides at the last minute that he can’t live without her.

So of course he’ll walk through a crowd of people in public (he doesn’t even run on the gym treadmill) to grab you and tell you he was wrong and realized he needed you, ending the crushing moment by picking you up and kissing you… right?

Five extra creativity points for your costume if the surrounding crowd freaks out and claps for you.

Sorry for bursting your bubble yet again, but no, it won’t.

If he really wants to apologize or ask for your forgiveness… he’ll probably text you, even if you’re about to take an international flight.

Besides, what if you just decided you were still mad at him even when he met you in person?

Love at first sight

Most girls dream at some point in their lives to spend extra time getting ready, looking at themselves in the mirror, taking a deep breath, and then walking downstairs to meet a random guy who happens to stare at them full of love and passion.

I know some people seriously believe in love at first sight, and I’m not saying you don’t feel anything when you see someone for the first time.

You probably feel it, but it’s not “love” at first sight.

I promise you that no guy who approaches you is interested in pursuing a long-term relationship and everlasting love after only looking at you once.

He’s not imagining what you would look like at the altar.

He’s imagining what you would look like without clothes on.

Dancing with you on the street

The Notebook has given women everywhere some very distorted ideas about how relationships really work.

Your boyfriend is not going to dance with you in the middle of the street, or in the rain, or anything of that nature.

He probably won’t even dance with you at his sister’s wedding unless it’s a mandatory requirement for wedding photos, because he’ll likely be at the bar all night.

Fighting for you

The only way guys fight over a girl is if it’s a way to show they’re territorial, masculine, or tougher than another guy.

For example, if a guy grabs another’s girlfriend’s ass in a bar and he determines that the other is weaker than he is, he will likely start an animal-like fight.

If it all comes down to a guy having to fight over a girl with another guy to determine who goes out with her, he probably won’t do it.


Because he can probably be with another girl that night without a problem.

If you’re having trouble deciding which one to date, it’s probably not worth fighting for you to begin with.