The unusual information about kisses that you probably do not know

Biologists and psychologists tell us that a kiss is much more than the union of two mouths.

Kisses are more than just a sign of love and bond between two people. They also have a biological purpose which allows us to know which person is the most suitable for us. The one that stimulates us the most and gives us the most emotions. We will teach you a lot about kissing!

The importance of kisses to meet the right person

It is certain that this has happened to you before: you kiss someone and you realize that what you thought you were feeling for that person was not that intense after all.

The kiss is also a simple gesture, but symbolic, to which we attribute various importance, in a totally unconscious way.

A small moment which translates into an infinity of stimuli, biological, psychological, neuronal processes. The subject is so interesting that it was inevitable that many studies would tackle it.

One of these studies appeared in the journals “Human Nature” and “Archives of S**xual Behavior”. This is a very deep analysis, by Rafael Wlodarski and his team at the University of Oxford in the UK. It was carried out through various interviews and tests to which 900 people aged between 18 and 63 were subjected.

Want to know the results? You will be surprised!

Kissing as an evaluation method

  • Kisses are the first physical contact that allows us to assess the other. It is the culmination of physical attraction.
  • The kisses serve us, according to the authors of the study, as a method of evaluating the genetic quality of the possible partners with whom we are in relation. This may seem a little surprising to us. This is because no one has an internal machine capable of performing full compatibility scans in an instant.
  • But, when we kiss someone, sometimes we feel more aroused than with other people. We choose the person who gives us the most emotions and sensations during a kiss.

Differences between men and women

  • Women value kissing more than men, and need it more.
  • Women are more selective in choosing their partner. Kissing is very important, basic, and even necessary. They are almost more important than the s**x itself. Because it is through this gesture that we find intimacy with our partner every day, to strengthen our bonds and nourish the relationship.
  • Men don’t care much about them, but they still recognize that couples who kiss regularly are more stable and happier.
  • Kissing unites people and arouses sudden emotions. Various tests were carried out in which couples who did not know each other were asked to kiss.
  • The experiments often started with shyness and uneasiness, but once the kissing stage was passed, the intensity of the relationship was stronger and the two people saw each other differently. Kissing is always a door to an infinity of emotions.

Kissing in the couple

  • For people who are not in a relationship, the kiss is more important than the s**xual relations that follow. It is this gesture that is more sought after, as a first step towards other practices.
  • For stable couples, kissing is as important as s**x. They understand that it is something that is necessary in everyday life, even if sometimes they are overlooked.
  • For couples already formed, the authors explain that the frequency of kissing is directly related to the good health of the relationship, much more than the frequency of s**xual relations.

The results of these studies on the importance of kissing are truly amazing, aren’t they?