The various reasons why relationships can end

Relationships end when you don’t want to show your vulnerable side.

When you fail to show your true self, including your fears, insecurities, and all your scars.

Relationships end when your partner only knows one version of you, when you don’t let them see the softer, more fragile parts of you. The parts that you don’t show to anyone, the parts that you could break.

Relationships end when the ego replaces the heart.

Sometimes relationships end because partners weren’t meant to be together and because even after trying everything the relationship ended in breakdown, but sometimes relationships end too quickly, they end for everyone. bad reasons, they end even if they last and end because two people were too stubborn, too proud, too afraid to open up.

Some relationships end because there were difficulties, but relationships aren’t meant to be easy, they’re not meant to be perfect.

Relationships end when you let them die instead of working hard to save them.

They end when there is a lack of communication.

When you stop saying what’s right and wrong, when you stop telling your partner how much you love them, and when you stop telling them what’s bothering you, you let your emotions fill up instead.

Relationships end when you start talking to everyone about your problems and forget to talk to the first person, which is your partner. They end when you don’t explain yourself and start explaining yourself to someone else.

Relationships end when you stop showing love and affection to each other.

When you think romance has an expiration date, when you’re too comfortable to forget to show yourself how much you love yourself, when you’re convinced your partner isn’t going anywhere, so you stop showing them your affection or to make an effort to keep the flame alive.

When you start to take your partner for granted, stop thanking him for everything he does and stop thanking him for who he is. Relationships end when you kill love with your own hands, when you pretend that love ends up going away and there is nothing you can do about it.

Relationships take hold when you stop trying to understand yourself.

When you stop trying to be there for each other and when you stop doing all the little things that matter, the little things that make this world a better place, like a genuine smile, a little gesture of love, a kind word. Relationships end when you widen the wedge between you and your partner and end up feeling like you’re alone.