These little gestures of love that you must cherish on a daily basis

When an artist decides to sketch the little attentions of a couple’s daily life, it gives a frankly cute result.

The daily life of a couple with their small tender gestures and their delicate attentions, here is what decided to draw the talented Korean illustrator Puuung and to publish on its site. Besides, as she herself writes:  Love is something that everyone can tell. But, we can easily neglect it in our daily life. So, I try to find the meaning of love in our daily lives and turning them into works of art. ” And, the result is indeed as simple as beautiful revealing over the drawings the joys, the routine, and the sorrows which animate the life of a couple:

Anodyne, the kiss on the forehead wishing the other a “good day” is always pleasant to give as to receive and allows to start the day on the right foot.

The meal is also a privileged moment of sharing and reunion for the couple who must take the time to appreciate more. Especially if it is the other who cooks.

Whether we have been together for a month or 20 years, we always spin for a little romantic dance.

To love the other and to prove it to him is also to be there and to try to console him as best as possible in the event of a hard blow.

Surprise the other, it’s a moment that every lover enjoys.

Sometimes the love you have for others manifests itself even when you sleep. In the end, it’s just opening your eyes to realize how lucky you are to love and be loved that much, on a daily basis. An awareness nicely illustrated by Puuuung and which you can discover all of the work here.