This clue could predict the imminent end of your relationship

It seems that a warning sign can predict many ruptures, as an expert explains.

There is no secret for a couple to work, it is necessary that each of the partners put their own. And when that is not the case, or at least not sufficiently or not in a positive way, certain warning signs would indicate the imminent end of the relationship as explained by Dr. Darcy Sterling, executive director of Alternatives Counseling in New York, at Psychology Today . And it is not surprisingly the lack of confidence, communication and the differences in values ​​and priority of life which generally sow discord which is difficult to resolve within couples. But according to Dr. Sterling, there is an indicator “that can predict with incredible precision, the end of your romantic relationship” and this is none other than the way you manage conflicts.

Contempt, a toxic emotion

Indeed, if all couples fight and face conflicts, the way we react and the emotions that we let escape during these times speak volumes about the health of our union . However, if our course of action, in these cases, is to consider our partner with disdain, it is probable that an imminent separation is awaiting us. According to Dr. Sterling “contempt is an energy of disgust that emanates from you during conflicts” and this disdain can be manifested either by exaggerated cries or by raising your eyes to heaven to show the other all esteem that we bring him.

Obviously, the expert reminds us that it happens to all of us, at one time or another, to feel contempt even for our other half, even if most of the time we highly value it. It’s a human feeling. According to her, everything then depends on how we show this contempt or not. Because this toxic emotion – and generally temporary – one can very well choose to keep it for oneself, in order to preserve our partner, not to hurt it. And if it cannot be contained or if it occurs too frequently, perhaps this is a sign that our relationship is finally coming to an end …