this is the love that I desire

I want a love that is stimulating. A love that is complex because an easy love is rarely worth it. A love that I would always fight for, even old and wrinkled.

I desire a love of mine. A lover who accepts me as I am despite my many flaws and imperfections. A love that chooses me every day.

I desire a love that inspires me with admiration. A love that is worth receiving all the love that I have to give. A love that cherishes my love.

I desire a loving compassion. A love with whom to share the depth of my feelings. A love that is not afraid to reveal its feelings.

I desire a love from which I can learn. A love that allows me to grow. A love that makes me want to compromise.

I desire a love full of understanding. A love who wishes to know my essence. A love that reads between the lines and is able to interpret my silences.

I desire a love that is patient. A love that is there when I am no longer myself. A lover who stands by my side as I fight to find myself.

I desire a love by the side of which I can be when the first rays of the sun appear. A love by the side of which I can admire the sky and its millions of shades at sunset. A love alongside which to take advantage of the purple gleams projected by a full midnight moon among the moving gray clouds.

I desire a love that is of passion. A love that is a cool breeze on a hot summer afternoon. A love that is a burning fire on a cold winter night.

I want a love that lifts me up when the weight of the world makes me bend my back. A love that motivates me to continue despite all the reasons to give up. A love that makes me want to be better.

I desire a love that remains. Permanent love in a fleeting world. A love that allows me to understand why it did not work with others.

I desire a love with which to grow old. A love that transforms the ordinary into special moments. A love that, when I look back on my life, leads me to say that it was worth it.

It is this love that I desire , and I would not settle for anything less.