Tips for recognizing true love and keeping it!

Do you dream of great love with a capital L? Do you believe in it? Do you want to recognize it in reality? Ah, great love, who hasn’t dreamed of it at least once? You can’t avoid it, it appears everywhere, in books, in movies, on TV, and maybe even around you.

Love is a real feeling, so strong that you wish it would last forever, but how do you know it? Follow our clues, they won’t be able to lead you down the wrong path …

A first sign of great love: The 3-year-old stage!

A meeting, a love at first sight, finally a crush, let’s say, then it’s time for you on the road to happiness and love! Eight months, a year, two years then three years, nothing to say you love yourself as on the first day and the stars still shine so much in your eyes. These first three years are not far from being perfect and it is certain, for you, it is the great Love with a capital L.

There is a real passion and a very special relationship between you. On the other hand, passion must give way to love! You have to be realistic, your true love story so that you are sure that it is the eternal passion that you must discover the other and know him as well as possible, that all the questions you ask yourself find their answers, and that you’ve been through a few crises.

And yes, do not dream, a couple without crisis is not possible and never lasts very long. If you have managed to successfully pass the first three years in your history, it is because you have a good chance of having recognized the great love!

Your relationship only brings happiness!

Like a lot of couples, you probably have ups and downs in your relationship. In any case, that will not prevent you from recognizing the great love!

Take note of the good things that your story and that your partner brings to you: You are only happy by their side, you are proud of what you have accomplished together, your relationship has allowed you to have more confidence and change for the better… Of course, your couple will experience good times as well as less good ones, but if you feel that being by his side only brings you happiness and that he/she satisfies you in all what he/she does (life as a couple, work, s**xuality …) You then have no more doubts to have, you are made for each other and even more to recognize that you are on the trail of the ideal person …

Live on love and fresh water… but not only!

It’s fine to live on love and fresh water and not worry about the next day as long as your spouse is with you. Only, you must realize that in a couple love is not enough. When you decide to build a beautiful story together, love keeps you together because love is always stronger than anything. But not only. And yes, you have to avoid the difficulties that couples can experience and succeed in being happy together. You just need to follow a few rules:

First, have common projects, it is very important to move forward together, you must define your relationship together and what you both want. You must be able to resolve your marital crises, that is to say, to take it upon yourself, to tell yourself that there are things much more serious than that… Then, you must be able to meet your own needs but also at his, don’t forget that there are two of you and that you have to share.

Be tolerant, remember to please the other by complimenting him/her, offering him / her gifts, do activities together, for example take dance lessons, and above all learn to put things into perspective! So if you follow its few rules and the passion will be yours!

Your couple makes you dream and makes you want to be two!

Everyone dreams of knowing great love one day. And yes, being one and understanding each other just through a look necessarily makes you want to. Well no, great love is not just about its characteristics. You cannot not always know where your spouse is, what he/she is doing, when …

Unless you are sighted! A couple needs surprises, doubts, and movement to be fulfilled. You make others want you when you are unique and at the same time different! You must be two but also have your autonomy. Do not lock yourself in a bubble called love, true love is that, it is when everyone has their place and they understand each other without a doubt.

Your differences and your similarities: The strength of your relationship!

Difficult to know if you look alike or if you are different? Well, when you know great love like you, you are in between!

Recognizing great love is already knowing that your partner resembles you on the most important points such as the same values, the same life projects, the same stability… But don’t forget that above all, great love is about is accepting each other’s differences. Perfection does not exist but that does not prevent living the great love on the contrary. To have the chance to be somewhere in between is to be “the ideal couple”. You will learn to evolve yourself and to evolve the other as well, there is no longer any doubt, no one can deny the fact that great love exists!

Do you want to recognize the great love? You just need to have the most beautiful relationship with your partner. It’s a cocktail of respect, resambles, differences, marital crises, trust, and a lot, a lot of love. Thus, you experience the greatest love there is, just like in the movies!