To all those who love a disproportionate love

I understand. I know what it is. A love too big. A love that overflows. A love that can neither be constrained nor retained. A love that explodes.

You are a passionate person and if it is particularly visible in the context of your love life, it is a trait that also affects your personal life.

You are unable to make a decision lightly. You are the type to weigh the pros and cons for whole weeks. If you want to call someone, you need a good reason to do it. You have this constant need to justify yourself and justify your actions. You do not know how to send a message without reading it again 3 times and modify it 10 times.

You are someone naturally concerned. You worry about everything. You are anxious and have a hard time letting go. You have even more trouble silencing your thoughts and enjoying a moment of respite. Your head never stops.

You analyze everything

Your head never pauses and that is, in your opinion, your biggest fault.

We live in a world where everything goes very fast. The economic and social context means that most people learn to live day-to-day and to be perfectly satisfied with it. But for you, impossible to adopt this way of life.

It’s as if people are throwing themselves into life and you’re staying there. Stagnant and stuck. Motionless and unable to move.

But let me tell you something: even if your tendency to analyze everything and think too much seems like a huge defect that prevents you from living, you can also make it a strength. This trend does not have to become obsessive. And she is also a quality.

Because you are someone profoundly altruistic and turned towards others. And believe me, your loved ones know it very well. They are well aware of how lucky they are to have you.

If you analyze too much, you also know how to love disproportionately

You have a big heart, a heart of gold. You have a lot to offer to this world and many are the ones who should learn from your lifestyle and generosity.

When you like, you do not like half. No, you give yourself completely to the other, without restraint and without artifice. You do not like punctually, but for eternity. You give of yourself, gift of your heart.

You invest yourself body and soul and do not hesitate to get wet for love . You bet everything and do not hesitate to shout on all roofs! With you, it’s all or nothing.

You like it big, for the worst and the best. You love without fear, without limits and without regrets. You have courage. This form of courage is becoming increasingly rare: the one that allows you to get naked and let guess your vulnerabilities. You are ready for anything for your loved ones: lifting mountains, reaching the moon and forgetting …

You would do anything to make happy those you love.

It’s also because you like disproportionately that you analyze everything

Because you are simply in search of absolute perfection. And if you’re looking for such perfection, it’s because you care about people, really. You really care about them.

And in love, impossible for you to give a bad impression to your half. You absolutely need to show him your feelings. He must know what he represents for you and how vital he is to your life.

You are also looking for a relationship (very) serious, the great love, the one that lasts forever … With you, not between two. No mediocrity. No “test relations”. You want everything right now. And in fact, you take ALL your relationships seriously.

Anxieties and fears: too much place in your life

If you like disproportionately and tend to analyze everything, it’s because you have a heart of gold and are guided by the desire to do good to others. It’s linked to your kindness.

But not only. Unfortunately, it is also related to your anxieties and your fears; certainly too much in your life. And do not get me wrong, I do not judge you. On the contrary, because I know very well what we feel in this case … I am exactly like you.

You live with this constant sensation of annoying, disturbing people. As soon as you talk to someone a little too long, you feel like you are wasting their time.

You also feel that you are not good enough and not up to the task. The impression of not doing enough for those close to you. The feeling of having to do more, to be more, etc. And it’s exhausting!

It’s a bit like you’re constantly dealing with negative emotions. The negativity that drives us to lower ourselves and to question ourselves (and not in the good sense of the word!).

You must be able to gain confidence in yourself

You are anxious, it is a fact. You feel an immense need to be loved, accepted and respected. And that’s pretty much the case for everyone. Except that most people are able to meet these needs thanks to their loved ones.

You are so teased by the need to be perfect that you feel that you are not good enough, that you do not deserve the love of your loved ones. And it may be (probably even) because you lack confidence in yourself.

And nothing is more important than to gain confidence in yourself. This is the absolute key to a better, healthier and happier life. It is also the key to positive and constructive human relationships.

  • Do not be afraid to be yourself. It’s your right, just like anyone else. I know, it’s easier said than done then, I advise you to already “train” with those who are closest to you (family, friends) and the rest will follow!
  • Be less hard on yourself. I know that you are a perfectionist, but sometimes you have to know how to reduce your objectives. Learn that chess sometimes turns into success and is part of life.
  • Work on your qualities and your strengths. Learn to see the glass half full! Yes, you make mistakes. Yes, you have flaws (like everyone else). But, you also have many qualities and it is on these that you must concentrate to gain confidence in yourself.
  • Feel free to do yoga or meditation. The ideal to reconnect with oneself and relativize. These relaxation techniques will allow you to empty and learn to say stop to this spirit that never stops. Believe me, it can only do you good.

But anyway, stay yourself

Here we have tried to take stock of what you are (and what I am too for that matter!) And above all, to understand the why and how. And it is an approach that must be done, since it is necessary to the knowledge of oneself and therefore to evolution.

But what’s important to remember is that you are what you are and that’s fine! So, above all, do not change. Yes, we can work on you. Yes, we can improve. Yes, we can learn to know each other and to decipher his way of being in the world.

But we do what we can and no one has the right to change or tell us how to behave!

Never give up your values ​​and principles. They make you what you are. You like it too much and think too much, but it does not matter. The important thing is that it does not make you unhappy. It’s about finding a balance to live better and not to become someone else.

But what matters is that you have a big heart. And it’s something that can not be bought and is not controlled. You have love for every person who populates this land and it is a wonderful quality. You are there for others, always present and ready to help. It’s all to your credit and it’s becoming more and rarer.

So, stop feeling guilty. Stop belittling yourself. You are among the most beautiful souls in our world.