To every woman, this is the reason why man looks you up and down

Men are very visual, they look at women of all colors. So when a man looks you up and down it is as if he were scanning or taking an X-ray. But there are many ways of looking, in any case, they want to know, they want to satisfy their curiosity or according to the gesture to tell you if they like you or not.

I think there are more women than men looking at other women up and down. Many do it to get ideas of how to combine clothes and accessories. Some do it in a derogatory way, but if you have good self-esteem, nothing happens.

Why does a man look at you when you don’t see him? Something will see you, maybe you are interested, maybe he wants to know if you have a good figure if you are interested in a man. As we will see later, a man instinctively likes to look to see if she is good at making his life memorable.

When a man looks you up and down, he scans you

A man instinctively seeks a good and healthy mother for his children. A woman with good attributes is synonymous with health. Looking is a natural behavior written in one of your hormones. Environmental or behavioral changes can change this hormonal activity.

A man looks a woman up and down because of her attraction. All men do it naturally. Society has transformed much of our instincts into morbidity. Therefore, you have to deal with this morbid, in a good way, keeping up appearances.

When a man looks you up and down it is evident that there is something interesting for him. You know what I’m saying. Your appearance, the shape of your body, your waist, your glute, your way of being, etc.

What does it mean when a woman looks you up and down? Your outfit, your style of dress, moving, or speaking may catch your attention. There are a lot of things. For example, a friend looks his friend up and down and then says, wow, you’re beautiful. This is nice, but it is not always the case.

1.- Men who look at a woman want to know her age in a few seconds

When a man looks you up and down, maybe he wants to know your age. A man’s brain is always busy looking for women to watch. It does not matter what color they are, it does not matter their age or if they look bad or good. He will always look at them for a few seconds.

2.- A woman’s hair is very striking, very difficult for it to go unnoticed

For a woman, her greatest devotion is her hair. For a man, women with long hair are the most attractive, he can’t help but look. Instinct always takes the lead, as healthy, shiny, and elegant hair reflects very good health and youth.

3.- The man looks at the eyes looking for beauty from within

A man looks you up and down and stops in your eyes looking for a connection. That’s why big eyes seem to say more and it’s what men like the most. A woman can say many things with her eyes and a man always wants to know.

What does it mean for a man to look you in the eye? That he likes you, that he likes your soul and does not want to let you go. See the world you want in your eyes.

4.- A woman smiling is the greatest temptation for a man’s gaze

When a man walks in another, the most frequent thing for him to look at a woman is her smile. A smiling woman is a warning to nature, at that moment she is three times as attractive.

What does a man think when he looks you up and down? That you are attractive and he likes you. If you receive that look with a smile, you are sending a message of optimism and affability. A transparent and happy smile will never be misunderstood.

5.- Cheekbones are the magic key to a young and attractive face

What do you think women with the most attractive faces have in common? Look at his cheekbones with respect to the chin and you will notice. The cheekbones provide elegance, sensuality, and beauty that makes a man take an interest in a woman. A woman who inspires a man is attractive to him.

6.- A woman’s lips reveal her personality profile

When a man looks you up and down and stops on your lips he wants to know your personality. Seductive lips mean an intelligent and frank woman, synonymous with success and prosperity.

At a party, a man may pay more attention to full lips. A red lip is a combination of intelligence, wisdom, and understanding.

7.- The curves of a woman is a symbol of fertility and good health

There are people who look you up and down, but when it comes to a man he probably admires your curves. The proportion of your hips and your waist cannot go unnoticed. They say that curvy bodies activate the reward system in the brain.

8.- The breasts are the great weapon of seduction of women

When a girl wants to get the attention of a man, she is very well-groomed. But especially do not neglect to highlight their breasts, boobs, breasts, or whatever you want to call them. They know that a man never misses an opportunity to look at her breasts.

Big breasts make a woman look better. But what counts is the instinct for better feeding of the offspring.

9.- Long, thick thighs are best for a man’s eyes

When a man looks a woman up and down he always stops at her legs. Long, shapely legs are a great attraction for men. If she is at fault, she will look at her from below. When a woman wants to highlight her legs, she wears heels.

10.- The weight and appearance of the health of a woman is also an attraction

Men dislike a woman who is too thin and an overweight woman. This observation sends a message of health disorder that would be counterproductive for a strong family.

I hope that now when you see that a man looks you up and down, you understand that it is not only morbid but an instinctive reaction. If you like that man, you just have to tell him with your eyes.