To love someone, what does that imply?

Love is a very big word that can have many meanings. To love someone and to be loved in return are the best feelings in the world. It is said that love is what makes the world go around because it inspires, motivates and makes people happy. To love someone has a great impact on our life, but what does love really mean?

To love someone: what does it mean?

To love someone is to have at his side a person who is the mirror of your soul. Love is the feeling that gives you the strength to go forward and face all the difficulties of this world. But, to love someone is not only to receive, it is also to give:

1. Support

To love someone means to support others in good times, as in bad ones. Even if you do not necessarily agree with the choice of your partner, you will only give him your opinion and accept his decision, whatever it may be.

2. Peace of mind

To love someone is to trust his or her partner even if you are not constantly together. It also means that you make your half feel safe and know that he or she remains your priority in any circumstance.

3. Quality time

Even if you are very busy, loving someone means that you always find a way to spend time with him or her. Besides, you never forget to ask him how his day went and tell him that he or she missed you to prove to you that you care about him or her.

4. Accepting each other and loyalty

Some days will be perfect. Others, less … But, to love someone means to accept the qualities and faults of the other in all situations. After all, even the quietest people have their moments of stress and anger.

5. Listening

Even if you have a strong need for your partner to be there when you feel bad, you also have a strong desire to be present for him or her when he/she needs it. You want to support your other half and show him that you will do everything you can to make him or her feel at ease.

6. Determination and dedication

Love without commitment is not really love. To love someone, what does that mean? It means staying with your partner in difficult times. It also means that you only have eyes for him or her and that you are not looking for a better option.

7. The impossibility of sleeping without his or her beloved

You want to go to bed and wake up with this person every day. Moreover, if your partner is absent for one reason or another, you have trouble sleeping because you do not feel safe.

8. Constantly thinking about each other

To love someone is constantly wanting to be in his arms when something stressful happens to you. And, this is the first person you call when you need support or help.

9. Imagine your future together

To love someone is to imagine them always present in your life and, above all, in your future. You have the impression that you can not cross the path of life without him or her and that you do not want to get married or have children with anyone else.

10. Smile

To love someone means to smile even when things between you are not perfect. You are able to stay positive even after a hard day’s work because you know that deep down, you are really happy.

11. The compromises

You make compromises and you have no problem with that. Nobody is perfect! When you find yourself in an impasse, you are both ready to talk about it and find a happy medium to make your relationship work.

12. The sacrifices

To love someone means that you are ready to make big sacrifices in your life, only to make others happy.

13. The difficult moments

Love is not just good times, it’s also times of doubt and pain. Sometimes you have to think that the relationship is not working and that you have to move forward. Love gives us, sometimes, lessons in a rather harsh way.

14. To accept

To love someone is to love oneself first! In all relationships, self-esteem is very important. After all, you can not give what you do not have? !

15. Protect your relationship

When someone attacks your relationship, you become angry. Because to love someone is to fight for his love. Why? Because love can be calm and sweet but it can also be bloody when it feels attacked.

To love someone: Awareness

To love someone is to be emotionally connected to another person: you think of his happiness as if it were yours. His destiny becomes linked to yours and your feelings seem to go together: you cry when he or she cries, you are angry when he or she is hurt and you celebrate his success.

Love is not an egoistic feeling: you receive as much as you give. That’s why you’re always looking forward to sharing the good news with your partner.

But, to love someone does not mean to share everything. You can each have your own interests and passions. Moreover, it is this difference that allows you to grow as an individual and as a couple.

Do not like each other’s hobbies does not mean you do not like that person. On the other hand, if you feel angry or disrespectful or aggressive towards your partner’s interests, this is not a good omen for your love or love. couple.

To love someone is to be able to be yourself with that person and let them behave as they deem fit. If you accept the other as he is, you are really in love. Of course, no one is perfect but if you do not try to change the other to make it stick to an image you have made in your head, you will give him the opportunity to improve himself (she )-even.

To love someone is also to learn a lot about oneself thanks to this person. Indeed, when the two partners of a relationship have the opportunity to develop themselves individually, this creates a synergy that makes you feed on the experiences of the other to improve you too.

To love someone is also to have the feeling of being addicted to that person. This feeling is different from the obsession that arises from an unbalanced passionate love. The desire you feel for being with the loved one comes from the fact that your presence nurtures your self-confidence and makes you feel comfortable.

But, we must also face the obvious. This does not mean that you will always agree and that there will never be disputes. Unlike what we can see in movies, love is not perfect, there will be moments of doubts and tensions. But, to love someone is to appreciate him even when you have different opinions.

Love can have a different definition for everyone but one thing is certain: it needs time to develop. Often, we talk about love at first sight or a sudden realization of the feelings we feel for each other. But, in reality, the love to be born little by little and to interfere in your life without you realizing it.

To love someone: the telltale signs

Choosing a partner and staying with him or her because you feel love can be very difficult to explain to people around you. sometimes people do not understand why you chose this person over another.

So what are the 5 telltale signs that prove you made the right choice and that this man or woman is the right person for you?

1. You have the impression of existing

We all feel that our love is unique. It is thought that his or her partner is the ideal embodied and exists only through his eyes. We feel that to love someone is our goal on earth and we only exist to accomplish this mission. So when you feel you’ve found the rare pearl, you finally think you’re worthy of being on this earth. 

2. You feel desire

To love someone is to want the other. Besides, sex and touch fuel the feeling of love. Without it, orgasm is just one way to get rid of the tensions accumulated during the day. When you love, you find the other a lot more attractive and sexy. And, you always want him or her to touch you, caress and take you to seventh heaven.

3. You find the other mysterious

What connects two people is an inexplicable feeling. This can be defined as two people meeting each other who can heal each other’s wounds just by their presence. This feeling that is difficult to define to others and sometimes to oneself is a reflection of the mystery that still weighs in the personality of his or her partner.

4. You are afraid of losing it

To love someone is to be afraid. Love is risk taking, you open your heart and let in an unknown person. You become vulnerable and sensitive. But, once the other has put you in trust and proved to you that he or she was here to stay, another feeling overwhelms you: fear. Now that you love this person, you can not imagine your life without him or her.

5. You are ready to engage in the unknown

Despite this fear, you chose to make the leap: you accepted the idea of ​​embarking on an unknown adventure with this person. This means that even if you do not know what the future holds, you have taken the risk of planning your future with your partner. You firmly believe in your relationship and you think that your future without this person would make no sense.

To love someone is to look in the same direction and support each other so that he or she becomes a better version of oneself!