To this person that I’m going to love next.

People are sometimes skeptical …

They wonder how much I believe in The Love and especially if I really believe in it.

My sincere answer is simply that I know Love and I know what he looks like when he is at his best.

I also know that Love transforms us into the best and too often the worst version of ourselves.

Love has this ability to make us so happy, happy as we have never been before.

Love has the ability to turn any sad day into a better day.

Love is so many things …

Maybe I put Love on a pedestal. But maybe Love has a reason to be there.

Maybe I value this word too much

But today, now, in our society, Love seems to be rather something that takes us somewhere in life, or that gets us something.

The truth is, these are the only words I’ve ever got stuck on, I can be nervous, I can stutter, I can say things completely outside the jitters, but those words when I said it, echo between my heartbeats.

These 3 words I love you when I said live between the dream and the dream, between love, sweet, tender, but love also passion and intensity.

But when I say these 3 words, it’s mostly because they want to say a few things, they have a meaning, they are the purest and perfect representation of how I feel for a person.

And I attach particular importance to these 3 words, much more than to any other word.

So to the person I’m going to love next …

I don’t know who you are, where we are going to meet. I don’t know if you’re someone I already know and haven’t noticed that in all this time, since the start of my life, it was you that I was looking for. I also do not know when you will come into play and on stage in my life.

But one thing is certain and that I know about Love, is that it is not something that we force, it is not something that happens and that we suspected. Love appears in our life, unexpectedly, like a thief in the night and in the shadows that suddenly steals our hearts and our thoughts.


When you meet true love, the one with a capital L, you suddenly realize, that you want to do EVERYTHING to make it work, do everything to make it work.

People think that falling in Love is difficult, but in reality it is the easiest part, nowadays the most difficult, the most complicated and the hardest part is staying one. with the other and to fight for his relationship, so that it lasts, so that it does not fail, so that it does not end.

Love is hard, it is difficult, but Love is worth it.

And one thing is certain.

I don’t know ALL about Love, but I can promise the next person that I’m going to love THIS:

I promise you my loyalty and that, it doesn’t matter where we are in our relationship, whether it’s at the beginning or at the end.

I promise you that no matter what crosses my path and my path, and who challenges me, I will rise to the challenge, and I will ALWAYS choose you, a million times over one.

I promise to put in effort and time, and that, no matter how difficult, hard, complicated or complex it is.

Because there are some people who deserve to be fighting for her.

I promise to love you unconditionally, even when you act like a jerk, or how angry I am.

I promise to always include you in my plans.

I promise to always be honest with you, even if my heart changes, or my love for you weakens.

Because I know how much it hurts to wait for a love that will NEVER come.

I promise to talk to you, to communicate, not to wait for it to be a mountain for me.

I promise not to use my past against you.

And I promise to give my 110% for you.

To support you and encourage you.

So to the person I would like next …

I promise to always fight for you, for us.

And the truth is that I promise you above all to respect each of these promises, even if the Love arrives at the moment when we are least well prepared, at the moment and moment when we least expect it.

So to the person I would love next… I don’t know who you are, but I’m already looking forward to the day I meet you. Or I’ll share my life with you. And where I would no longer be afraid of The Love, because you will have shown me how magnificent and wonderful Love is on the other side of fear.