Too shy to approach someone? 10 simple tips for super introverts

How to meet more girls and boys


All you introverts, it’s time to ditch your shy, shadowy self and put on your playing face. It is never too late to cheer up and just go find it. So many people are waiting to meet the wonderful person that you are inside, so why waste yourself behind those closed doors and in the shadows? The world waits.


Especially for introverts, it’s the HARDEST job to get out of that comfort zone (which is mostly limited to your bedroom couch with a bag of chips and Netflix 24/7) and really meet someone you might be imagining from a show. of TV.

But everyone has this constant fear of making a fool of themselves when meeting someone new, but you have to accept the fact that this is simply human nature and it’s totally okay to be nervous. It’s one thing to always keep in mind that everything works out as long as you expose yourself.

Take a look at these tips to interact with more people around you and you’ll probably be hooked in no time.


Free websites


You just HAVE to keep up with social media, or else it’s like living like cavemen these days. And joining different sites on social media does not mean seeing people from the shadows, being part of a social circle is also important.


At your university


There are many opportunities in college and school that you should take advantage of to meet new people.


Do not stay hidden


Lurking in the shadows and hiding behind locked doors won’t help. You don’t need to start meeting people, but at least keep up appearances so that people see you quite often and know that you exist.


Stop overthinking


As an introvert, you are more likely to think a lot and act less. Imagine, there is a person walking past you in the hallway and finding you attractive. You have two options, either you can just stand there and think of all the possible things that can go wrong OR you can just walk up to them and say hello. It takes courage, but it sure will be worth it.


Join small groups


These small groups and communities are the best way to meet and connect with new people. Find the society that has all your favorite activities, this will make it easier for you to talk more because the people around you will have interests quite similar to yours.


For introverted guys: tips for approaching your crush


For all the shy and introverted guys, follow these tips and get yourself a girl.


1. Maintain eye contact


This is the most important thing in any type of communication and especially when you meet someone you like. Poor eye contact, frequently looking away, makes the other person uncomfortable and conscious. Don’t do that, it’s also rude.


2. Less staring, more talking


Eye contact is one thing, staring is another. If you keep looking at a girl from a distance, chances are she will freak out and completely lose sight of her. Girls want to be approached directly. Like it or not, it’s the last part of the story. So go upstairs and meet her instead of holding a death stare.


3. Ask open questions


It is a trick to keep someone engaged in a conversation. People, especially girls, like to talk about themselves and their interests. Therefore, avoid asking questions that are answered with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Instead, ask short questions about them, their personality, what they like and what they don’t like. This will make it easier for you to strike up a conversation and get to know them better.


4. Just be a gentleman


Chivalry has never gone out of style and this one thing can always put a man in the brightest places. So when approaching a girl, put your best demeanor upfront, be nice, speak quietly, and you don’t have to rush things.


 For introverted girls: tips for approaching your crush


Don’t stress the girls, we’ve got you covered.


5. Don’t try too hard


Girls often misunderstand the concept of simplicity and modesty. Guys don’t always go for layers of makeup and revealing clothes. In the first meeting, definitely, NO. Most prefer to be with someone who is in keeping with their original personality. And simplicity is usually pretty attractive on its own.


6. Too much attitude is a detour


Playing hard to get it is the worst dating idea ever. Do not listen to that advice and play well. It already takes a lot of effort to be around a guy or new people, so why waste it by keeping a cloud of bad vibes around you all the time?


7. Positive body language


A lot can be said about you by the way you walk, stand, or just act around people. If a guy notices you, stand tall, smile, and don’t get nervous. This will automatically make that guy want to talk to you. But if you stoop and keep looking down, that won’t attract a guy.


8. Be confident


Every time you go and talk to someone, your confidence level increases. It is a plus point for you if you start a conversation since men like those things in women. So take control and gather the courage to go and talk to that girl you’ve been staring at for a while.



Always understand that if you are an introvert, many other people are too. Improving yourself as a social person will also influence others and help them overcome their fears. Being nervous, anxious, and shy is a game of your mind. Only you can control it and overcome the thoughts that prevent you from going out and hanging out with people. All you have to do is believe in yourself and have a good time, whatever you do.