Top 10 daily pleasures for lovers

In a previous article, we had already dealt with the subject of proofs of love experienced by couples on a daily basis ( What is love? 10 little everyday things experienced by couples ) But, by reading your comments, we found that we could extend the list even more, so here is proof of love through 10 little everyday things experienced by couples:

Because love is also:

1 / Being with the other when he is sick

Take care of the other, play doctor, wrap him warmly in blankets, go get something to treat him/her at the pharmacy … Because it’s also what it is to be a couple, to be together in good times, like in the most difficult times. Let the other know that we are there for him no matter what!

2 / Do the dishes together

Because the daily life of a couple, it necessarily involves household chores at one time or another! And that the shots of bad luck in the kitchen and in the household, it is indeed over! And then, doing the dishes in turns is good, but doing it in pairs is better! Moments of complicity and water battles in perspective…

3 / Say “I love you” at unexpected times

To love his / her darling is to be spontaneous, and to constantly rediscover the joy of being with the other, and the happiness of loving him to this point! So put away your false modesty, your shyness, what do I know, and re-declare your flame to your love by surprising him/her!

4 / Getting upset because we care about the other

The disputes… Obligatory passage of all the couples! And which very often originate from the fact that we care about each other, and that inevitably, we are afraid that something will happen to it. Without being castrating, it is also love, take care of the other, and protect him from danger.

5 / Wanting time to stop when we are together

Whoever never wanted time to stop, while he/she was in the company of his / her lover, never really loved!

6 / Do everyday things together

Everyday love is not always a passionate romance, an explosive adventure! Love is also to share the banality of everyday life together. All these little everyday things: brushing your teeth, eating, sleeping, cleaning, resting, listening to music, reading … Please break the routine so that your love does not go numb!

7 / Never let him / her cry alone.

Because he/she is not alone, on the contrary! You have been, are, and will always be there for your love, no matter what. To accompany him and help him overcome life’s pitfalls together. No one is perfect, everyone has their faults, their faults, and you know that crying in the presence of the other is never proof of weakness. And on the contrary, it does you a lot of good.

8 / Guide each other in the right direction

You support each other, and most of all, you pull each other up! Because two of you are stronger, two of you can achieve something better, more beautiful, bigger.

9 / Don’t want to hang up

“Hang up … No, hang up!” No, you! […] You hung up? No, I’m waiting for you to do it! I won’t hang up until you do… ”

No, it’s not just a cliché! And yes, it is culculative. But hey, it’s assumed at least in general !! We can’t get tired of hearing each other’s voice on the phone, and we wouldn’t want the discussion to stop…

10 / Find him / her beautiful even in the ordinary moments of everyday life

Yes, when he is in a suit he is hot, and when she is in an evening dress, she is resplendent! But behind all the clothes, accessories, makeup, it is above all your natural darling that you love and that you will never stop finding wonderful, even when you wake up, all disheveled ( e), eyes half-open, or after sport, when he / she is all out of breath, and sweaty … And that is really loving.