Top 10 ways to forget your ex without suffering

Ending a relationship always and in all circumstances is a cause of pain, even many times it hurts more than a physical injury, naturally, it is not something that can be overcome in a week or in 15 days.

Sentimentally detaching from a person is a different process for each person, from experience I know that sometimes we spend too much time clinging to a person, hence in the article I am going to give you the best advice and recommendations on how to forget your ex -.

1. Don’t hold on

Accept that the relationship is over. It is absolutely understandable that you are upset, sad, or even have opposite feelings, ending a relationship is equivalent to living small mourning, while somehow you lost that person.

Acceptance is the initial step to forget your ex-, just stay with the beautiful moments that you spent together, each relationship is a unique experience.

Remember that beautiful sentence “pain is inescapable, but suffering is optional”. You will see that you will feel better and it will help you. Whereas if you think about him all the time, he will hurt you.

At first, it will be really difficult I know, calmer, that you can, you will see that as time passes your heart will heal and your psyche will forget it little by little.

2. Create new habits

It doesn’t matter if they were in a relationship for five years or three months, they probably already had a routine in place.

They spent the weekends together, they went to the movies every Friday, I came to procure you each and every day when leaving work, in short, each and every one of these routines will bring to your psyche without any doubt memories that They will haunt you every time you leave work and don’t see it.

On Fridays that you are in your apartment alone and reluctant, what you should do is build new habits, attend a course, learn something new, take a different path when leaving work, go out with new friends or if you want with the usual ones.

But you must clarify that you do not want to talk about the subject, that they are not lying to your ex.

At first, the only thing you want is to be alone, even if it depended on you, you would pretend not to show your face to the planet again, taking time for yourself is fine, complaining is fine, it will help you to release stress, to reconsider the situation. do not exaggerate either!

Being locked up for more than a week exceeds the limits of what is healthy, so I hope you can! start little by little, visit the mall, buy yourself something nice and show it off that weekend.

3. Locate yourself

The fact that someone does not love you, does not choose you, or simply decides that they are better off without you, IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. It is simply something that is out of your means and you cannot supervise it.

Obviously, it is our obligation to strive to be the best version of us, that is, you cannot behave like a manipulative sorceress with him and blame him for leaving.

However, if you are aware that you were not bad with him, you must free yourself by the fact that each of them is responsible for our happiness and we accept responsibility for our actions.

4.  Let it go

If you have already admitted that the relationship is over and that there is no turning back, letting it go, it will be a bit easier for you. Letting go includes willingly admitting each and every hour you invested in it, both for sacrifice and for money.

Say goodbye to him, you should not send him a voice message reminding him of how miserable you feel at that moment because of him or a twenty-page email where you undress your heart before him.

It is enough to imagine him in front of you, tell him some of his photographs (which you probably even have at least one) or simply write him a letter, thanks for all the good and bad, for what he has learned, for what he has experienced.

Forgiveness is a gift to you. He will take care of his process to forget you, and will apologize if he needs to.

Tell him everything you want to tell him, do not keep anything, empty your heart completely at that moment, cry if you need to, laugh or even curse if this way you feel better.

In the end when your soul feels at peace with yourself repeat these magic words “I forgive you, I let you go in peace and harmony … thank you” believe me that when something is finished in you it will have altered, you will feel liberated and calmer with yourself herself.

5.  Don’t stalk him

It is supernatural the first days to have the impulse to continue your activity through social networks, it is natural but not advisable.

There are 2 genres of stalking after ending a relationship, the “casual” stalking in which you see the photograph of a friend who coincidentally is the sister of your ex’s best friend, and since one thing leads to another, right?

Until “without realizing it you get to their profile, and now if you scan their latest photographs and incidentally those that were taken when they were still walking (the second type is the most common, although the least recognized).

It is that pathological stalking since you already have a series of filters that allow you to reach their profile without leaving a trace, or else you have a false Fb with which you examine all their activity.

The dangerous thing about this is that it becomes an addiction, while chemically speaking your brain releases a cocktail of serotonin and dopamine that every time you manage to discover something new, your brain feels a kind of “victory”, but sentimentally you feel devastated.

For now!

You cannot let yourself continue with this activity, I understand you and I know that it will be really difficult for you, so the best recommendation is that you delete your Applications on social networks.

Quiet only for the first twenty-one days, then you can reinstall them, in this way the temptation will be less due to the fact that you will not have access through your mobile.

It is also necessary that you delete all signs of it from your cell phone, that is, photographs, videos, voice notes, everything! Believe me, it is not as difficult enough as it seems.

6.  Stop holding false hopes

Once the relationship is broken it will never be the same again. Have you ever heard the sentence “second versions never outgrow first”? since it is true.

All the causes of breakup are different from others, it is not exactly the same to conclude by the fact that they did not have time to see each other for work or by a minor misunderstanding to end by the fact that he decided to return with his ex-.

You need to be frank with yourself and see which situations are excusable and which are not, and recognize when the other person has no interest in fixing things with you.

One of the clear signs that deep down you keep false hopes is when your cell phone rings, whether it is a call, message, or whats, you expect it to be and it is not like this.

7.  Create new experiences

It is essential that you stop trying consciously or unconsciously.

You can be frequenting the places where they used to be together, in restaurants, bars or parks where you know it could be. This, like the preceding practices, only hurts you and delays your process of forgetting your ex.

You need to create new memories of those places and/or in the best case, get to know new places and have unique experiences.

Dare to do an adventure that you previously considered not having enough courage to carry out, such as jumping from the bungee, practicing parachuting, climbing the highest and next mountain you have (in the absence of Mount Everest, any is good).

The essential thing is to create new experiences and renew yourself, in this way your psyche will not have time to meditate on it, and without realizing it you will remember it more without incorporating feelings, as you remember any acquaintance.

8.  Pamper yourself

Obviously, at the end of a relationship, many things change, and there are many convenient factors of being single, you will quickly appreciate that: you have more time for yourself and that you have more money!

It’s time to pamper yourself, go to the spa, buy yourself a nice pair of slippers, a new dress. Enjoy new and worthwhile activities, take classes in yoga, arts, meditation, or swimming.

As you do these activities, you will regain trust in yourself, which was damaged by the previous relationship.

Having confidence in yourself offers you the precise mental balance to forget your ex-, it makes you feel better and above all, you become more attractive and also interesting.

9.  Forget about revenge

It is traditional to locate that couple who ended up, and out of nowhere he starts dating his ex’s enemy.

He uploads exaggeratedly sensual photographs with “crazy and loose” sentences, thinking that his liver will be destroyed in a thousand pieces of courage when he really does not care.

Do not fall into this kind of failure, since you only manage to create a bad image of yourself, and see yourself as and we see the girl who does it, we believed that it is not loved, that it is not valued or as atrocious as it sounds, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is “on fire.”

10.  Avoid contact with your ex as much as possible

There is the possibility that he will maintain contact with you, this will undoubtedly make it more difficult for you to forget him and would ruin each and every one of the previously achieved advances, be very honest with yourself.

Do you really want to be hooked on him longer? If they have already decided to leave, remember this reason and better give yourself the opportunity to close that cycle to be able to start with a different boy.

Avoid admitting to going out with him, suppress their contact, and if possible avoid any kind of communication, unless they are co-workers; in such a case, their coexistence will be unique and rigorously professional.

11.  Make changes in your lifestyle

Out of solidarity, excessive compression, love, or whatever you want to call it, we stop doing many things that your partner did not like or that scared him, even if you loved them.

Make a list of each and every one of those things that you love to do and since some time ago you abandoned such as dancing, going out to celebrate, swimming or going up in a hot air balloon. When you finish your list, gradually resume each of these activities, as they are part of you, your essence, and your personality.

Little by little you will begin to fall in love again, but this time with yourself, the moment you meet up and discover how incredible, beautiful and enjoyable you can be when you are yourself.

12.  Rearrange your priorities

Days before the breakup with your ex occurred-, he probably topped the first numbers on your priority list, not to say that he was ranked # 1, even above you.

This must change, it is the moment to be somewhat egotistical, meditate and take care of yourself.

Make an agreement with yourself that no matter how handsome, strong, attractive, chivalrous, and friendly your next partner is, for nothing on the planet will you let this happen to you again.

You must occupy the number # 1 place of your priorities, remember that each of us is responsible for making ourselves happy, taking care of ourselves, and pampering ourselves.

A woman who loves herself in this same way is unquestionably more attractive, regardless of the season in which we live, this is a timeless rule that always and in all circumstances works.

13. Open your psyche to the option of a new love

This is the best way to forget your ex-, enjoy your single status (but do not close yourself to the occasion of meeting the love of your life).

Go out with your friends, have fun, smile at life, I understand you and I know that at the beginning it looks like the end of the planet, but when you get to this point you will only turn to your past and you will be grateful, with the ex- you undoubtedly learned many things.

Among them, perhaps you learned that you do not like suspicious, womanizing, belligerent men, or perhaps that you should be more respectful of the other’s spaces, in whatever way each good or bad experience leaves us a lesson.

In your next relationship, you are undoubtedly going to be an improved version of yourself.