TOP 10 worst reasons for breaking up

It hurts…

A breakup is always painful. But when in addition the reason given is bogus, the pill is even more difficult to swallow! here are the TOP 10 of the worst reasons for breaking up … we hope you don’t recognize yourself there!

1. It’s not you, it’s me

So this one is really bogus. We couldn’t be vaguer, we couldn’t be more hypocritical. It just means that he’s not in love but that he doesn’t dare say it, that’s all!

2. You deserve better than me

But of course, you leave me because I’m too good for you. Uh… why do I have such a hard time believing you?

3. I am not made to be in a relationship

You could have warned me before we got together!

4. We love each other too much, it’s dangerous

Um, unless you live in a Shakespeare, why would loving yourself be so creepy? Isn’t that the goal of everyone ?!

5. You remind me of my ex

AIE Aie Aie…

6. You are a brake on my career

But what a horror to live only to work!

7. I love your sister

W T F ?!

8. My family doesn’t love you

So, if you love me, what’s the problem?

9. My ex is pregnant with me

Ouch ouch ouch …

10. I need to have fun

Good luck, me too, good luck!