Top 5 guy profiles to ban

Before falling in love with a guy who feels (again!) The crappy plan full nose, it is better to make sure that your doubts are not founded. If you recognize him in one of the following profiles, run away unhappy. And quick!

1 – The retarded teenager

When you met him, he told you “I never had a serious relationship. I don’t know if I’m actually ready. We’re still young, I think we have to enjoy life and not lock up as a couple too early… ”

He’s very cute, but we’re not here to play babysitters. If he wants to continue to ripen every Saturday night and end up with a different girl at the end of the night, that’s his choice. But you, go your way because you no longer want that.

2 – The collector

What should alert you? He talks about his past like it’s gone, like you’ve changed it when you’ve only known each other for two hours. “You make me want to change, to ask myself. With you, I’m not going to fool around… ”

Why would it be any different with you? He has that in his genes. Do not mistake yourself! The fickle hunk who falls in love, that only happens in the movies. Get it in your head: YOU WON’T MAKE IT CHANGE.

3 – The loner

What he tells you: “What I love is going on a trip alone with my backpack. I cut my phone off and I’m too well, no one is pumping my air ”. HM okay. Apparently, this man is coping perfectly with his solitary life and he doesn’t need anyone.

One thing is certain, you deserve better than a man who only wants the presence of a girl in his life occasionally.

4 – The married man

He’s been swearing to you for seven years that he’s going to leave his wife. You are starting to lose patience and it is understandable. The truth is, he won’t leave her. He makes you sparkle that to keep you under the elbow.

Believe that if he was really in love with you, he would have done it for a long time … Cut the bridges before suffering too much.

5 – The one who has a very present ex

Everything was shaping up for the best. Until he announces to you that his ex is still very present in his life. So what to do: wait? To run away?

If he makes it clear to you that he’s not quite sure where his feelings are at and needs time to think it over, let go before you tie up. He is obviously not ready for a new story. If he wants to put the pieces back together, that’s his choice. You, you aspire to better.