Top 5 reasons you still hate your ex

Giving your heart to someone with all your trust and belief requires a lot of strength. When you love someone, you are ready to leave anything in this world. You can simply do anything for that special someone because for you, he / she is your life and you simply cannot imagine your life without them. But what happens next, that person stays the same forever? Do the feelings stay the same forever? No, he does not do it! Have you heard of the famous saying “Time and people change”? Yes, this is the harsh reality of life today, people don’t stay the same forever. They can drop you anytime, anywhere. The chemistry, the spark, the love are no longer anywhere in your relationship. If he is your boyfriend or husband, or she is your girlfriend or wife, if they want to leave you they will. No matter how hard you try to make them stay, but you also have your limits and in love, you cannot force anyone to stay with you. True love is letting go of the person so they don’t hug them. The person can quit for two reasons: Either the two of you can’t exercise, or the other person is seeing someone else. And what about you and your feelings?

You move on in your life, you decide to be happy without your ex. Decide to close the chapter that is not worth reading now. But every time someone talks about their ex-husband or ex-boyfriend, ex-wife or ex-girlfriend, they still get angry, they still feel that hatred for them. You just don’t want to talk about them, you avoid the conversation related to them. You still feel that feeling of anxiety and that feeling of anger when you hear an ex’s name. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Despite moving on with your ex, why do you still bother when you hear his name? Find out why below:

You hate your ex because they cheated on you

All this while you were figuring out what was going on or when you were angry or when you were trying to fix things between the two of you, you finally found out that your husband / wife or girlfriend / boyfriend was cheating on you. They’ve already embarrassed your relationship. After doing everything for them, what you got was betrayal and this is the most important thing so you still have hatred or get angry when you hear their name.

You hate them because they lied to you

They lied to you about everything. They lied about their impersonation, about their relationship, about their friends. While you were in the first stage of the relationship, they lied about themselves as they are, but when you really meet them, you find the exact opposite of their words. You thought that he / she was a happy and lucky person or that they were open-minded, but everything was imprecise.

Your ex didn’t value you.

They were continually avoiding or ignoring you. There was a time when they appreciated your little efforts, but now they get irritated, annoyed, or don’t pay much attention to you. They took you for granted and treated you as a second option. They treated you with disrespect and there was also a big argument from time to time. Maybe this is why I hate them so much. After all, when you love someone with all your heart and when they treat your love like shit, it hurts for obvious reasons.

Your ex cut you off in the weirdest way.

They started giving you an excuse to make plans with you or spend quality time with you. Every time you tried to have an on-call conversation, they just cut your call saying they’re busy. It was no longer on your priority list or you can tell it was becoming your second choice. Most of her plans were with friends, they even began to ignore her birthday or anniversary celebration. These things made you angry and you started to hate them.

You were the one who always paid and that made you very angry

What can make a person angry is when you are the only one paying each time. Being in a relationship does not mean that only one person has to pay or one person has to depend on another for financial things. But when you see your relationship, you are the one who pays for your movie tickets. for your dinner, for your small expenses. These little things can make anyone frustrated or angry.

You already have the reason why you still hate your ex so much. But are you happy with this feeling or are you able to move forward happily in your life? The answer is very clear, NO. Always remember that forgiving and forgetting is the key to a happy future, so forgive them and learn what they taught you. Obviously, every mistake is part of learning and they helped you become a better person than before. They taught you what you really don’t want in a relationship or what kind of person you want to be with in the future.