Top 8 ways to surprise and flirt with a girl

Men take data, because keeping a woman happy is not an easy task, much less surprising them.

Women have a fairly developed sense of intuition, which is why they come to discover almost everything that happens around them. So planning a surprise for them puts almost every gentleman uphill.

That is why in this installment we think about supporting you in the difficult mission of pleasing and surprising them at the same time, through 8 interesting tips so that you always look good.

1. Get to work

Show up at her workplace and literally get her out of there. If you show up out of nowhere and take her out for a meal or a short walk, she will have fun, appreciate it, and smile.

Breaking the routine is something that everyone appreciates, being able to feel that a man appreciates them so much as to look for them in his place of study or work.

It also allows them to feel protected and gives them the opportunity to show off their man to their friends.

2.- Write to her

Love letters are the gesture that everyone expects at some point in life, and that very few receive. Get inspired and show your love with honest words and full of feelings. She will enjoy the menu over and over again.

If you are not good at writing letters by hand, you can use the love cards that you can get in bookstores. They contain beautiful dedications with very special images and you only have to place your signature, a short message and add a small detail such as a rose or a teddy bear.

3. Say “I love you”

For some men to recognize with words that they are in love is a complex task. Saying “I love you” is the icing on the cake when it comes to feelings.

It is the first step to recognize that in fact the woman you are with is your partner, your friend and your world.

Every woman expects to hear these two words together in her boy’s voice “I love you.” But for them to take effect, you must say it from the honesty, firmly and looking into her eyes.

4. Dedicate her a message on the radio

Radio is a powerful means of communication, and generally there is always time to listen to a favorite program at a certain time of day.

Just imagine this scene: they are both in the car, the radio is on and the announcer says her name with a special dedication and a song is playing for her. You will make her feel very important in your life.

5. Take her shopping

This option is for risky men, because it is well known that women are natural buyers, and if you give them carte blanche, they may spend your salary for the month.

Shopping is special for women, so you can take her somewhere and wait for her to “fall in love” with a particular item, and then give it to her as a gift. You will remain as the best of the couple and happiness will last for days.

6. Bring breakfast to bed

That for one day a week she is not the one who wakes up to make breakfast, and that she also receives it in the comfort of her bed is wonderful.

Women appreciate their men cooking for them. In fact, it’s quite sensual to watch them cook, so don’t be surprised if she ends up making love to you after an “innocent” gesture like this.

 7. Compliments and congratulations

Supporting a woman does not always mean standing by her side to open a tight jar, or helping her change the tire on her car. They all need to feel and hear that their partners care, are caring, and are proud of their accomplishments.

Congratulate her on her promotion, praise her for her makeover, always be proud of her, and she will be proud of you.

8. Remember old times

What could be more romantic than this? Hug her, kiss her and remind her of the old days, the day they met, the first date, that first kiss.

You will feel loved and special, and your eyes will automatically sparkle, because men forget these kinds of details.

Show her that you still remember every special moment in the past is synonymous with that you love her.