Toxic relationships: 5 actions to counter a narcissistic pervert

If you are emotionally dependent, you certainly attract manipulators and you want to regain control. My experience tends to advise you not to waste your time trying to neutralize a manipulator, an MPN but if you want to try the experiment, it’s your choice and it’s totally respectable.

These people most often have a lot of charm, charisma and count on significant social support. The majority of them, therefore, presents one or more really brilliant facets in their personality which they will adapt according to their environment. They do not see themselves as narcissists but as people, different, much more intelligent and respectable than ordinary people.

In principle, the narcissist is greatly admired by others. We are obviously talking about a person who does not hesitate to praise his merits, his infinite qualities and to exaggerate them naturally. If for the majority of people, the “me” is the point of reference, for the manipulators, we find ourselves in a very different register.

In general, narcissists occupy a special place. They are surrounded by people who adore them, so it is very difficult to confront them. The narcissist likes to have a court around him.

Whatever your reasons, maybe go to the end of what you want to do so that you don’t regret in a toxic romantic relationship, for example, it can be much simpler than you think to manipulate a manipulator. You are firmly decided, you are very motivated: forward!

“Far too many people have no idea what they can do because everything they’ve been told is what they can’t do. “

Here are 5 actions to counter a narcissist, an MPN:

1 “No”, the magic word

The narcissist always wants to be told “yes”, to support his ideas and opinions. The fact that one accepts what he says or does is proof of control. This means that his influence or power over others is intact. The word “no” is one of the paths that exist to neutralize a narcissist. Not agreeing with him or distancing himself from the ideas he proposes inevitably damages his image of us. By doing this, we pass to the side of ignorance because we are unable to see the truth, “his” truth.

2 “I don’t believe you, prove me what you say”

Narcissists are used to telling lies; it’s like second nature and their semantics take different forms. They sometimes magnify or minimize situations or people. Often, they deliberately invent situations that are not true to put themselves forward, to disparage other people or to make people around them envious. Denigrating is yet another facet of these sick personalities.

If you are with a narcissist and discover that he is lying, do not hesitate to question his statements. Ask him for evidence of what he says. Present the arguments that make you doubt the veracity of his words. It is likely that he will react by moving away. However, he will understand that you are not willing to believe everything he says and that is the main thing.

3 You are like the others: you are worth no more, no less than the others.

Implicitly or explicitly, the manipulators hide a very strong motivation to prove that they are above others. It is therefore usual to see them trying to show that they know more than everyone else, that their actions, their values ​​are the most relevant, that they think in a more noble way than the others.

It is helpful to remind him that even if he can actually do, say or think things more skillfully than other people, it does not make him superior to anyone. Anyone, with the right training and in the right circumstances, can stand out in any field. One can be superior in one and inferior in others. Everyone’s learning is different: full stop.

4 “I am not afraid”

The best way to neutralize a narcissist is not to fear him. These people base their power on the feeling of insecurity and the fears of others. They pay extreme attention to other people’s weak spots to attack where they are most vulnerable. Not accepting their attacks and not paying attention to their words is one way of showing them that you are not afraid of them. It doesn’t matter if they take offense. Not letting their attacks hurt you is a great way to neutralize narcissists. They do not know how to act with people who do not fear them.

5 “Don’t change the subject”

The narcissist always wants to be right. If you discuss one point and if he seems lost, he will change the subject to avoid agreeing with the other. If he makes an obvious mistake when he acts, he will try to divert attention. Narcissists are very skilled with this kind of manipulation. If you are talking to a narcissist or need to be near someone like that, refocus the conversation on the basic point of the conversation. Always come back to the original subject, what you were discussing. He will never admit his mistake but will understand that he cannot manipulate you.

Neutralizing a narcissist is not easy. You will need courage, agility, and strength of decision. This will keep you from being manipulated and you will have healthier connections with others. The problem with the narcissist is that, in reality, he does not love himself. To avoid admitting it, he will always use others.

Open yourself to the possibility of a better life, no longer accept being humiliated, belittled, belittled and get help if you are ready to open the door to change.

Would you say yes and would you still accept the unacceptable in your world map?

I wish you the best!