Transforming a rebound relationship into a lasting relationship: Is it possible?

After a breakup, it is impossible to open your heart directly. You need time to heal and be really free in your body and in your head. The “love” relationships that will arise between – breakup and healing – are called “bandage relationships”. The question is whether it is possible to transform a dressing relationship into a lasting relationship.

1. What is a dressing relationship  ?

It’s a relationship that will help us forget our ex. Many people think that the best thing to do when you break up is to meet as many people as possible and try to form new relationships in order to change your mind. It may also be that we enter this relationship to appear before his ex in the hope of making him jealous. There are no judgments to be had, but an awareness. The majority of people go through a bandage relationship to “bandage” their pain and go another way. This is why it is often said that a relationship after a painful breakup is a dressing relationship and that it will have a limited lifespan.

But can a dressing relationship turn into a lasting relationship?

2. Can a dressing relationship work?

In life when you go in a direction for the wrong reasons: you often pay the price. How do you succeed in a relationship if you don’t try 100% to succeed? There are exceptions of course, but in the majority of cases this relationship will crumble in the days and weeks that follow. How to do ? Take the time to forget your ex before wanting to date someone else. Otherwise, this other will be compared to a past story. You have to accept that a new person can be part of your life. We don’t replace people! Each person is unique and can bring you a lot of happiness.

3. How to make this dressing relationship positive?

A dressing relationship can have its share of positivity in many ways. It can help you change your air and meet other people. This will help you to clear your mind and open yourself up to new things. In addition, it can fill your ego which will be flattered by the interest shown to you. Your self-confidence will be strengthened and you will move faster towards the healing path of the past. This will prove to you that you can move on while finding happiness outside of your ex. Let yourself be lulled by this new melody that can bring you its share of wonders. No relationship has an expiration date planned in advance, it all depends on the two protagonists. Give yourself a chance to find happiness!

My advice :

First, you have to look for someone who will REALLY please you in order to give you every chance to succeed in this relationship. I speak of physical and psychological attraction because both are inseparable in a romantic relationship. Allow yourself to create memories with this person. This will help you during your blues shots, because you will have a positive approach. By accumulating moments of happiness, you will realize that your past was futile and unimportant. Stop contact with your ex, as this will prevent you from falling in love again. A break requires cutting ALL the links, otherwise, the brain will always relate to the past. Let your brain become attached to the present and its riches. Take your time, because the future is only possible over time. You may have afraid of committing and that’s normal! Do not rush anything and follow your rhythm, the goal being to find serenity. Live without making promises that you cannot keep.

And the ex in history?

It is important to be able to accept that your ex can also have a dressing relationship. It is essential to respect him by giving him his freedom and the time necessary for his own breakup. If you want to come back with your ex: accept the time necessary to become aware. This is why a dressing relationship can also and above all be effective in realizing what we really feel. Your ex may realize that you were truly the woman of his life through his dressing relationship. The goal is to know clearly what’s going on inside you: do you want to continue your dressing relationship? Go back with your ex?

Transforming a dressing relationship into a lasting relationship is possible, IF and only IF you have mourned your ex. Otherwise, you will not be able to engage in a new romantic relationship.