Two mistakes not to make to find a soul mate

Sometimes it is precisely the quest for the ideal partner that prevents us from finding him, according to experts.

We are all looking for someone special to share our lives, our other half, our soul mate. The problem is that by dint of going on your quest, you end up idealizing it. So much so that when potential loves cross our path, we come to wonder if there is not better elsewhere. Morality, in the end, we remain celibate. This is at least the opinion of experts John Gray (author of the best-seller “Men come from March, women of venus” ) and seduction coach Orna and Matthew Walters as they explain on yourtango site.

A quest for perfection that does not exist

What these experts note is that this perpetual search for perfection does not lead us anywhere, except to be alone, because this perfect person that we imagine simply does not exist. Imperfection is even characteristic of every human being. Our soul mate, on the other hand, may well exist, but it has flaws. And it does not matter because it is the one that suits us and that is what really matters.

Moreover, long-term singles often realize a little late that it is their expectation of the perfect companion that is the cause, reveal these specialists.

Finally, it is this notion of “perfection”, of seeking great love that sabotages our chances of finding love, the true one.

Several potential soul mates

The second mistake that makes us miss love is to believe that we have one love that awaits us somewhere.

Indeed, according to the three experts, there are hundreds of people likely to correspond with us. “People who meet your criteria in terms of emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual connections and who seek the same things you are for life and love. Just open your eyes and your mind to them”.

So, from now on, we open our eyes wide as soon as love is likely to point the tip of our nose, rather than just imagine what we would like it to look like and risk letting it go.